Childhood snacks

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Childhood snacks Zhao Yiwei a spring, small cotton-padded jacket has not thrown off, the ditch on the wild rose out of the green new branches.The thorns on the new branches are fresh, not as hard as the old ones.Peel off a layer of skin on the outside of the new branches, crunch down, crisp, a little sweet, and a little astringent.Like cattle and sheep in the spring to eat the first mouthful of grass, which look picky, full of greed and hope.The straw smoke (the name of the straw before it was plucked out) and the straw bud rose out of the ground at the same time, and as soon as they put their heads out, the children found them.Grass smoke pulled out of a tiger mouth long, the upper light green, the top point red, the lower white tender, the shape of just like the bud of wheat.The meat is tender and white, and sweet and waxy and waxy.A clever child can always tell the grass from the grass, but a stupid child does not know until the grass shows its white fringes.But by then, it was just like the old grass, unchewable.Because it’s so rare, kids often bet on it as a rock-paper-scissors bet.Pea pods become peas when the barley is not yellowed, green and flat, yielding only a shade of pea.In a rain, the pod was bulged by the round peas.This is a good time to cook peas.A gust of wind blew, and it seemed that everyone knew the peas were ready to eat.Boiled peas were a filling snack, and whole fields and villages were covered with joy.Of course, you can’t eat peas from your own field. Pick them from someone else’s.Pockets, under baskets, and bundles of straw are good places to hide peas.What’s more, you don’t have any props and don’t worry about it. Just tie up your pants with braids and put peas in the waistband.Nothing ever stumbles a greedy child.What’s not a bunch of kids?What kid doesn’t come home with big pockets?Besides, so boundless field, a few peas even pea seedling will not care, let alone between neighbors?When the wheat is yellow, the wheat grains are green and green. They are eaten raw, cooked and burned…It tastes different.Walking along the road, he picks up a few wheat heads, knead them in his hands, blows off the bran, lifts his neck, and drops the wheat in his mouth.Roasted wheat tastes best.Bind the ear from the root of the ear and stretch it into the hearth.First the wheat was burnt, then the husk slowly turned black, and then the smell of roasted wheat floated out.As for the degree of fever, all by feeling, experience is summed up again and again.Singeing good wheat ear had better be put in dustpan rub, wheat grain rub off, use dustpan is easy to winnow clean.When chaff and husks and husks have been cleared, the delicious grains are stuffed into the mouth in handfuls while it is hot.Eat a good meal.I like eating corn sticks best.After school in the afternoon, the bag from time to time can take out two big sticks.Take advantage of my professional pot, find a thumb thick blade of wood, cut one end into the shaft of a corn stick, and roast it over the fire.A lot of times I can’t hold the heat, burn black.A stick of corn to eat, the face has become a gray nose cat.Autumn is coming, burning sweet potatoes, burning edamame, digging pear, digging chicken legs……The soil grows not only vegetarian, but also meat.After summer rains, cicada larvae emerge from the ground overnight.The next morning, you will see poplars up and down covered with cicadas abandoned shells.Children early summed up the experience, before the cicada did not drill out of the ground, one by one carrying a shovel, flashlight, under the tree to dig down a hole.Whatever you find, you fry it and eat it.On one occasion, I dug up half of the larva of cicadas. I was so sleepy that I wanted to cook it the next morning. When I saw it the next morning, only an empty pot was left.Cicadas fly everywhere, their shells hang on curtains, light wires…The long winter had come, and the fields were empty except for the wheat.When you’re desperate for food, you can only play at home.Find a small tin bucket, on the edge of the symmetrical nail with two eyes, with a piece of fine wire twist a 袢子.Tin bucket loaded with half a bucket of soybeans, with a small stick pick wire 袢子 rack on the fire.It’s just like popcorn.Soon the beans in the tin pail were crackling.When the sound basically stops, the beans are ready.Pour it into a gourd to cool, and the burnt beans are done.I put it in my pocket, and every now and then I chew one, and my mouth smells good.Sometimes, peanut seeds are also used.Start from the corner of the sack, that corner had better not firm, poke a dig with a little finger on a hole.Peanuts one by one to dig out, can not steal too much, more can not be blatantly fried to eat.The first time, can’t help but have a second.In spite of my struggles with myself, by spring one corner of the sack had gone flat.Did not expect mother only scold sentence “home thief is difficult to prevent”, but did not want to investigate the meaning.It’s a real pleasure.Perhaps parents have expected that children will have such tricks early, a lot of preparation.Rural children, eating grain, and crops grow up together.The smell of wheat and the smell of earth soaked them, making their hearts slowly grow the most simple thoughts.In the days to come, no matter where they live and what kind of life they lead, they will understand that, like crops, only when the roots are deep and steady can they bear full ears of grain.★ HEARD that the past one hundred times to look back in exchange for this life a sincere and lovely fans!Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section