Born with five global genes, Chery OMODA 5 boosts chery brand rejuvenation comprehensively!

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In 2021, when the automotive industry as a whole was faced with COVID-19 and chip shortage, Chery sold 656,846 units in the year, up 46.3% year on year.Up to now, chery has accumulated more than 10 million global users on the road of “sailing out to sea”, including 1.95 million overseas users, ranking first in The export of Chinese brand passenger vehicles for 19 consecutive years.At the beginning of the New Year, under the precise promotion of the “large single product” strategy, Chery has witnessed an overall growth of Ruihu 8 series, Ruihu 7 series and Ierze series. In January, the cumulative sales volume reached 67,486 units, up 34.3% year on year, and the overseas exports reached 26,900 units, up 60.9% year on year.In 2022, OMODA 5, another new tour in Chery’s “big single product” strategy, will be launched in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Based on the global market, the new car has a global vision and a clearer global positioning. It is born with five genes of global research and development, global standard, global quality, global naming and global listing.It is not only the first global car that is being developed for the global market by a Chinese brand, but also carries the responsibility of leading the brand upward and accelerating chery’s full embrace of youth and globalization.Today, the main car buyers in the auto market are becoming younger. They have a global vision and an extraordinary pattern of self-reliance.A fearless and challenging attitude;The pursuit of individuality, I lead the trend of aesthetic, the automotive products have a higher pursuit.Facing the upgrading of consumption today, OMODA 5 is designed for the “new generation of core players” around the world.For different environment the new generation of young people with a global trend of the travel experience, OMODA 5 after the global limit test of “adjust measures to local conditions” in the world more adaptive development, including Brazil, dirt road, Mexican plateau steep slope test, the high temperature test in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia’s hot and humid environment test, cold test at mohe \ Russia, etc.The excellent quality of OMODA 5 comes from the top technical strength of Chery Longshan Test Center, which is not only the “birthplace” of OMODA 5, but also makes a great contribution to vehicle data collection and data verification, greatly shortening the technology research and development cycle and becoming the combustion engine for Chery to quickly access the global track.Covering an area of nearly 300,000 m2, Chery Longshan Test Center has the world’s top crash safety laboratory, NVH laboratory, powertrain laboratory, vehicle road laboratory, as well as a multi-functional test site.Among them, OMODA 5 once again demonstrated its core strength to meet global standards in the crash safety laboratory.In the actual test, the mobile trolley equipped with rigid barriers hit the side of OMODA 5 at a speed of 50Km/h, and the side airbags opened in time to effectively protect the dummy.Thanks to the top technical strength of Chery Longshan Test Center, OMODA 5 has conducted many experiments according to global standards and met local standards and regulations.In addition to meeting the emission standards, collision safety and pedestrian protection standards of Russia, Brazil, gulf GCC and Chile, OMODA 5 has also been certified by GOST, INMETRO, ANTATEL, 3CV and other certifications, and meets the regulatory requirements of 16 countries such as Egypt, Argentina, Ecuador and Algeria.At the same time, OMODA 5 fully meets the five collision standards of China C-NCAP, EU E-NCAP, CENTRAL and South American L-NCAP, Southeast Asian ASEAN-NCAP and Australia A-NCAP, which represents that OMODA 5 has five-star quality that meets the global standard.As a global car for the new generation of young people around the world, OMODA 5 has three core advantages of trendy design, hard nuclear power and intelligent technology, representing Chery’s insight and understanding of the new generation of young people.At the beginning of development, Chery showed product pictures and videos to users around the world for many times, listened to the voices of the new generation of young people around the world, and integrated them into the product design of OMODA 5 to create a “Dream car” in their hearts.This is also an important reason why OMODA 5 has gained a lot of users and media attention after its global debut at guangzhou Auto Show in 2021.In order to meet the personality and preferences of the new generation of young people around the world, OMODA 5 uses a breakthrough design language, whether it is unbounded matrix grille, pioneer unbounded modeling, or full LED dynamic edge lighting, all of which are to grasp the aesthetic needs of the new generation of young people.At the same time, the dynamic and elegant body lines create a cross-dimensional dynamic force, defining the ultra-realistic trend aesthetics in the meta-universe.From the outside to the inside, the color collision design in OMODA 5 Dreamland interior makes different colors achieve perfect fusion, which makes people like opening the door of the meta-universe and stepping into a new world.The central crystal mapping bar is like a bright star in the center of the universe, which makes people look forward to a journey to break the dimension.At the same time, the block also supports 12 constellations of personalized customization, easy to open your exclusive that piece of starry sky.For young people of the new generation who pursue driving fun, the power combination of 1.6TGDI+7DCT of OMODA 5 can generate surging power with maximum power of 145kW and maximum torque of 290N·m.OMODA 5 is also equipped with a superpowered racing mode, which provides an immersive driving experience through sound simulation on top of sport mode.In addition, the front McPherson + rear multi-link suspension layout and excellent chassis tuning enable OMODA 5 to effectively filter out excess vibrations on common roads such as gravel and speed bumps to maintain stability and improve driving experience.In addition, OMODA 5 is equipped with L2.5 level intelligent driver assistance system, which can bring safe and pleasant travel experience to a new generation of young people around the world.”Love to play” is a big label of the new generation of young people in the world. The intelligent recognition system equipped with OMODA 5 supports face + gesture recognition, which can bring users a unique car experience.At the same time, OMODA 5 is also equipped with AI emotion monitoring and adjustment system, 24.6-inch integrated dual-screen + play ecology, and SONY luxury audio +64 color rhythm atmosphere light, which not only directly fills the cockpit technology sense, but also brings users immersive video and audio entertainment experience.OMODA 5 is also carried a C – PURE chery net cubic green cockpit, vehicle interior all adopt a European standard environmental technology and ecological design idea, can effectively inhibit the generation of harmful gas from the source, and through the negative ion air purification system + net PLUS filter purification function, can make the cabin air quality is always at a higher level,Users can always enjoy the fresh air.This year is the 25th year of Chery’s establishment. With the courage of daring to think and do things, this “post-95” in its prime is constantly embracing youth through innovative marketing methods. OMODA 5 is the product to communicate with the new generation and the new generation of young people around the world.Whether it is the whole network voting for co-creation, the endorsement of axi, a girl in the meta-universe, or the first holographic interaction at the auto show, it is chery’s efforts to approach young people.Chery creates a centralized fan platform through the construction of a layered community, and forms a virtuous cycle of continuous communication with users.In addition, chery OMODA 5 cooperated with 52TOYS to launch the “New Year’s eve OMODA” collection card campaign in the form of blind box favored by young people.Through the linkage with fashion brands, Chery has planted OMODA 5 as a seed in the hearts of more young people while resonating with them at the same time.In addition, in the past Valentine’s Day, OMODA 5 also went to Shanghai Beiwai Beach riverside green space show skills, and had a sweet encounter with the public, and to the new generation of young people around the world high-profile confession, let them feel the valentine’s Day in the meta-universe should be like.In the future, OMODA will also unite more IP and tide brand to create tide products, and radiate more young people of the new generation around tide brand, so that they can feel the charm of OMODA meta-universe.At the same time, Chery will continue to break industry barriers with innovative marketing methods, establish more contacts with the new generation of young people around the world, and realize the two-way promotion of the brand and users in the form of “play together, enjoy together”.OMODA 5, developed for the global market, is scheduled to be launched in more than 30 countries around the world in 2022, with hybrid and electric versions to follow.At the same time, Chery announced that it would hold an ecological launch event of “OMODA” heavyweight products in late March to attract more young people of the new generation to build OMODA meta-universe through product explanation and meta-universe community planning, and blind ordering will also start at the same time.With global research and development, global standards, global quality, global naming and global listing, OMODA 5 can bring trendy travel experience to the new generation of young people around the world with its breakthrough internal and external design and immersive driving experience.With the support of innovative marketing approaching the new generation of young people around the world, OMODA 5 will surely accelerate the youth and globalization of Chery brand and become the “perfect car” in the global new generation of young people’s meta-universe.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)