Young men are the drunkest

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I’ve loved words since I was a kid.As long as it has words, it will pick up and read.During the Chinese New Year, every family will stick New Year pictures. When I go to pay a New Year visit, I will always see the New Year pictures on the wall. The beautiful stories are told in fresh and beautiful lines and easy to understand words.I will have a taste of the look and look, remember a story, remember that period of taste, also know: the original text is so mysterious and beautiful, it can put my passions let all the people know ah!When I was in middle school, there was a library in town, and I used to read books.Once accidentally found a dream of Red Mansions, love to the extreme!Want to borrow back to see, need five dollars of deposit, go home soft and hard, mother finally agreed.That afternoon, in the middle of summer, a little girl was sitting on a small bench at her back door, turning the pages of a thick book, not very understanding, but very fond of it.At night, under the dim lamp, with the sound of frogs and the sweet smell of fruits in the garden, my mother took her shoes and I read the Red Building…It was a special time of ecstasy, shallow light, I immersed in such a beautiful text, dragging the time of clothing, my youth out of the ordinary!Later, because the family was in urgent need of money, I had to return the book in advance, with a kind of regret and sadness, said goodbye to that night reading red house time!Life experience is really really good things, let you brush off the shallow, and then break the cocoon into a butterfly!Your love is not deliberately, but your heart and insist, you can become a world.When cicadas sing high branches, no one knows that it has been dormant underground for a long time. Those casual past, such as soil, has made your life amazing!(This article was written in 2020)