The craft of the Spring and Autumn and warring States period

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Du Dechun’s “Cake Fu”, “Cake Talk”, “Qi Min Yao Shu”, “Leisure mood Occasional send. Drinking Food Department”, “Food Xian Hong Mi”, “Yang Xiao Lu”, “Xingyuan Lu”, “Suiyuan Food Sheet”, “Diao Ding set”, “Suiyuan Food Sheet supplement”, “Vegetarian Talk”, “Yue Xiang Zhong Feed record”, etc.@ traceability baked wheat cake burning culture technology @ traceability steamed dumplings aesthetic formula @ traceability wonton noodles feelings ingredients @ traceability dumplings yuanxiao historical culture @ traceability rice laozhao culture technology @ called naan bread did traced aesthetic feelings recipe @ traceability moon cake cake ingredients @ back bread dough sticks historical culture @ traceability tea culture technology @ traceability pastry pastry heart eat pasta recipe @ traceability nation sanzi aesthetic feelingsHele material @ trace to the source luo luo bowl tuo history and culture.Du Dechun, senior master craftsman of Chinese pastry, Du Dechun, inheritance craftsman of Chinese Peking and Guangdong Su School, Doctor engineer of Chinese baking process, Doctor engineer of Chinese pastry recipe.