94.27% agree!The results of the Northwest Street expropriation consultation came in

2022-06-30 0 By

Yesterday, under the notarization of the notary office, haishu District Gulou Street northwest street land reconstruction project housing acquisition willingness to consult completed open box vote counting, the final approval rate was 94.27%!This means that the project will smoothly enter the next collection process.It is reported that the northwest Street land renovation project involves a total of 157 households, including 146 residential households, 11 non-residential households;The total construction area is about 30,800 square meters, including about 8,500 square meters for residential and 22,300 square meters for non-residential.According to the previous announcement, the proposed acquisition of land four to the scope: east to Yongfeng Road no. 217 fence (excluding), Xiaowen Garden (excluding), Northwest Street No. 62/63/64, Northwest Street No. 52, Northwest Street No. 50, Northwest Street No. 30 fence;South to 237 Yongfeng Road, 50 Northwest Street, 30 Northwest Street wall;West to North West Street;North to Wing Fung Road, 50, 52 North West Street, Xiaowen Garden fence (exclusive).In the next step, a housing expropriation compensation scheme will be formulated for this plot, and contracts will be signed after the announcement of expropriation is issued.