Zhou Yuan cultural relic: MAO Gong tripod

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MAO Gong Ding, now in Taipei Palace Museum, is a classic masterpiece of jin wen.At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Daoguang was unearthed in Qishan, Shaanxi.It is 53.8 centimeters tall and has a diameter of 47.9 centimeters.Round, two ears, deep belly outside drum, three feet, dignified and steady shape.Neck ornaments heavy ring grain and string grain each, simple Zhuang MAO Gong Ding yan.32 lines of inscription and 499 characters are cast inside the abdomen. MAO Gong ding is named after its author MAO Gong, and it is one of the longer bronze inscriptions in existence.The full text first recounts the great achievements of king Wu of the Zhou Dynasty and laments the current insecurity. Then it describes that King Xuan appointed Duke MAO to manage internal and external affairs and had the power to announce the king’s destiny.King Xuan again and again taught King MAO to be diligent in government, love the people, cultivate his morality, and gave him some utensils to encourage him.MAO Gong cast this matter on the tripod to commemorate and spread to later generations.This is a typical inscription of the western Zhou dynasty, but it does not adhere to the traditional style of the inscription. It is divided into five paragraphs, each beginning with “Wang Ruo yue”, apparently written by a historian at that time (1115-1079 BC, when King Cheng of Zhou was king).For example, in the first paragraph of this article, Wang Ruo said: “Father Xin, PI has been down in the dumps, I have zhou. I have been appointed with great task, and I have been down in the dumps with Wen and Wu Geng Guang.The only thing that heaven will do is down in the dumps, nor have you been down in the dumps. I have zhou down in the dumps to protect me.Trace trace square, big from PI static.Alas!Fear as a boy zhanjiang difficult, yong Gong first king.”MAO Gong Ding” rubbing its calligraphy is mature western Zhou jinwen style, the structure is symmetrical and accurate, the knot is square and long, slightly complete than the SAN Pan.The lines are strong and steady, the layout is proper and full of rational color, which shows that the gold prose has developed to a very mature situation.Li Ruiqing inscription postscript ding said: “MAO Gong ding for zhou Miaotang text, its text shang Shu also, learning books do not learn MAO Gong ding, Confucian scholars do not read Shang Shu also.Contributions: Qishan County Museum