Winter and autumn skin care package, let your skin water tender white tight and smooth, beautiful during the Spring Festival

2022-06-29 0 By

After the little New Year, the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable to visit friends and relatives, hence the beautiful sisters who don’t want to dress up.But no matter how well dressed, bad skin, nothing.Today, Alizi will introduce to you a set of skin care before and after the Spring Festival excellent therapy, close to perfect, drink fill + oil apply + whitening + fight decline all done.Let your Spring Festival skin water tender white tight and smooth, beautiful!First, every morning, middle and night, pay attention to oral hyaluronic acid drink. Beauty loving girls can never get rid of hyaluronic acid, while oral hyaluronic acid drink, after intestinal absorption, can promote skin synthesis of hyaluronic acid under the action of the body’s synthase.Increase skin moisture and elasticity, with antioxidant effect.It’s milder, safer and more stable than smearing or eating.Long-term use will keep your skin glowing from the inside out.Two, autumn and winter moisturizing oil dressing without dry skin, not because of water shortage, but because of the lack of water retention and water lock ability, the right way is not to replenish water, but fill oil.Every morning and evening, after washing your face, apply a hot towel to your face to open pores, then spray wet your face with rose hydrosol, take 3 drops of PMPM rose black tea essential oil, put it on your palm, rub it and press on your face until the essence oil is fully absorbed, and then follow up your skin care.Can really play the role of moisturizing water.Three, after the oil compress whitening anti-aging can not be less oil compress immediately after the selection of l ‘Oreal triple source white essence containing 377 and nicotinamide 5-6 drops daub on the face.Then cover your face with plastic wrap.After 15-20 minutes, peel it off, then rub and massage with both hands until the essence is completely absorbed.Then use Estee Lauder Multi-Effect Wisdom Essence Collagen Cream (75ml), which contains a 10% peptide combination to boost collagen production, prevent wrinkles and reduce wrinkles.Velvet is easy to push, easy to absorb, and very moisturizing.L ‘Oreal Triple source white essence containing 377 and niacinamide Estee Lauder Multi-effect Wisdom essence Collagen Cream (75ml) This set of therapy is recommended to sisters before and after the Spring Festival every day, adhere to long-term use, skin rough and dark yellow all disappear, tender white firm and smooth, let your skin before and after the festival beautiful.