The creation of “4A” scenic spot of Heming Mountain is just around the corner

2022-06-29 0 By

On February 7, the reporter learned from gaoping District culture, Radio, Television and tourism bureau that The Heming Mountain scenic spot is to be approved as a national 4A level tourist attraction, and has entered the publicity period of 7 working days (February 7 to February 15, 2022).It is understood that The Heming Mountain scenic spot is located in the west of Gaoping City jialing River bank, covers an area of about 1520 mu, by the historical and cultural core experience area and heming Mountain wetland ecological leisure area two major components.The Historical and cultural Experience area of Heming Mountain takes crane culture, three Kingdoms culture and landscape culture as its connotation. It has the white Pagoda of Song Dynasty, Baoshou Temple, Chenzhong Tower and Wang Ping’s tomb, which are national cultural relics protection units.The Recreation area of Heming Mountain Wetland ecology takes Jialing River culture as the main attraction, including the Ecological science corridor of Jialing River wetland, the scenery of Boat workers’ songs of Jialing River, the light show of Heming Mountain and the music fountain.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Wang Sisong reports