The Marine department of Meizhou Island in Putian detained a ship with serious defects in accordance with the law

2022-06-29 0 By

In order to ensure the safety and stability of important festivals such as the “Two Sessions”, the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, as well as key periods such as the Spring Festival Transport and the end and beginning of the New Year, the Marine Department of Meizhou Island in Putian carried out a solid work inspection of water traffic safety, and detained an unpowered construction ship with serious defects according to law.On February 15, the law enforcement personnel in the electronic inspection process, found dongwu 13 “*8 engineering ship should be inspected, the comprehensive command room immediately issued instructions on the ship to start safety inspection.Inspection process, execute the law personnel focus on machinery and equipment, Marine fire fighting, life-saving equipment to carry out the inspection, and spot check to the crew at the scene of speaking ability, 7 defects were found, there are a ballast tank hole cover frame rust cannot effectively shut down, two major defects such as fire alarm button damage, shall impose the stranded on the ship, and requiring them to carry out the safety in production the main bodyRen, according to the requirements of rectification and correction within the limited time limit, eliminate potential safety hazards.Next, putian meizhou island is the Marine department will continue to strengthen wading engineering construction of ship security management and dynamic tracking control, construction operations required to strengthen production safety management, strict implementation of navigation safety assessment of the safety and pollution prevention measures are put forward, the effective guarantee key time jurisdiction water traffic safety situation is stable.Source: Putian Maritime Safety Bureau