“Liu Hao ran, the official declared!!”

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Spring Festival at home to brush a douyin, the protagonist is Liu Haoran and Liu Haocun.In the video, Liu Haoran rode a motorcycle all the way, with Liu Haocun together, in the noodle stall, in the vegetable market, in the seaside, solemnly promise: “Let’s get married, in the small county.An electric scooter can go anywhere, and a bowl of noodles costs only eight yuan;Five or six hundred thousand houses, seven or eight thousand cars;The lights are not important, just want to have a light is for me to stay;Not all of us have to stand out. If we can safely spend our whole life with the one we love, we are already very happy.”It tells the story of a young motorcycle show yao, around the dream and love happened all the way.People have mixed opinions about the movie.But Liu Haoran as chasing the wind young yao, or to the audience brought many surprises.Many netizens jokingly, Yao is boyfriend ceiling bar, a whole dog boyfriend ah.That’s true.Liu Haoran’s A Yao is simple and determined, clumsy and powerful.In front of the people I like, always follow the steps;Just want to send the best to you, behind their silently pay.Who doesn’t love a canine boyfriend like that?Following hao ran’s “dog boyfriend”, many netizens have followed suit with other # animal-boyfriend types.Dog boyfriend clingy simple, cat boyfriend gao Leng ao Jiao, fox boyfriend rational romantic……Today, the heat of Liu · Shiba · Hao Ran is shining brightly, and we take stock of some famous “animal boyfriend” in all corners of the country.The dog has long been man’s most loyal friend.Therefore, the first rule of a canine boyfriend is to put you first.Outside, their boyfriend force full, for you zhefengdangyu;But in front of you, and no defense, no reservation, their eyes kill, can be said to be a must.Just like Liu Haoran.Someone said, as long as you shout liu Haoran, he will immediately turn back.Just like a dog, looking at you straight.Look at the dog dog harmless eyes, as you are granite heart, have to melt more than half.If Liu haoran is the quintessential shiba inu, who always seems to have an air of naivete, Jackson Yi could be just another way to open up a canine boyfriend — your canine escort.He in “young you” in the role of small north, for Chen Nian, willing to perform the highest loyal dog righteousness: “you protect the world, I protect you.”He seems to be very silent, but every time you get a little attention, will secretly poke poke to steal joy.When you encounter danger, he will be no hesitate to rush in front of you, shelter from wind and rain, carry everything.Before I sacrifice myself for you, I need to buck up and give you a big, shiny smile.No wonder dog boys are always the most vocal.Loyal dog like sincerity and guard, who can not stop ah.Cats make a worse first impression than dogs.After all, cats are proud and cool, and a relationship with them is not like hosting a cold man in the house.But anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that a cat is a new kind of drug.Yu Tu, played by Yang Yang in You Are My Glory, is a typical example of a cat boyfriend.With the appearance of industry elite, usually a small face, who do not love.Can write “touch Lao Tze” is he, the body can’t help but quietly move to you is he.Once they let their guard down on you, they unleash a voluptuous power that even veteran drivers can’t help but marvel at.A piece of advice — when a cat to you unload guard, is you should guard, understand the self understand and “fly with the wind with you” in Wang Anyu, he can be counted on the cat department boyfriend of the top, do not mention how proud jiao.The Shao Bei Sheng that looks the cloud is light, face the person that likes, what be good at most is “duplicity”.Clearly said only when the contract boyfriend, but he unconsciously pretended to do.Obviously care about each other, still do not admit, finally can only be a person quietly angry.Only where you can’t see, carefully bare their feelings.TSK TSK, Shao Bei Sheng.You’re fucked. You’re in love.The cat fastes the proud jiao of male friend, decided they won’t pay trust easily, won’t love to declare at mouth more.But once they do, you’re the most important thing they have, and the only one they’re willing to compromise with.Everyone must be guarded against such favoritism and exception.Fox boyfriends are rare, but they are the best.Say bai Jingting in “the beginning” is a little fox, believe no one to object?At the beginning of the story, Xiao heyun’s choice was to get out of the car and save himself in the face of an unacceptably circular reality.Many felt he was too realistic.In fact, it is the nature of the fox – to care about the pros and cons and losses, rather than blindly shaving their heads.Can get along with rabbit Li Shiqing for a long time, Xiao Heyun’s rational or perceptual pressure the upper hand.Willing to accompany Li Shiqing together, at the risk of life to save the life of the whole car.Good fellow, also gave full play to all sorts of clever and clever strength of fox department.All kinds of anti – reconnaissance, set up a bureau, play, a set of, the Interpol Lao Zhang will not give the whole.He takes you, just like an adult veteran, leading a novice, with a cheeky smile in the world.Woo woo, Xiao Heyun this person is really able to place.But “old crafty”, is the fox boyfriend is another very significant trait.Check out Zhang Xincheng in stewed Pear with Rock Sugar.He is obviously a cold “ice god” who can play tricks on people quite childish.He will list a lot of dishes when ordering food. When you write them down, he will slowly say, “These are all things I don’t like to eat.”The eyes like those little foxes turn around every day, I do not know what ghost mind.Something you love and hate.Fox boyfriends are often quaint, double business online, looking black and cold belly.But once you’ve cracked their hearts, they’ll be firmly on your side.If you could sum up a goat boyfriend in one word, it would be “cure.”They are as gentle as sheep, and their laughter is as comfortable as a spring breeze.They are not so sharp, do not have what harm, take care of people is their gift.When watching “The Children of Joe’s family”, many people said that Bai Yu did not appear on the screen for more than ten minutes, the in the mind panicked.The world was in a hurry, and Joe was the only one who worried about you all the time — whether you were eating and sleeping on time?Do you need two more clothes for the cold weather?You had an accident, he took it;When you’re having a bad day, he’s there for you and takes care of everything.Humanoid charger. Who doesn’t love this?Let’s see, Ren Jialun in “One Life”.In all his actions and actions, he plays the suave and elegant goat boyfriend to the extreme.Wooden shy Zhou Shengchen, brow between a bit bookish, but there is a small stubborn strength;Meet the beloved person, silent and bold pursuit, he does not ask for anything else, just two people safe together.I mean, a goat boyfriend is a good doer.Not much rhetoric, not much romance.But it’s hard not to feel the awkwardness and sincerity with which they confront you.With the steadfast warm goat boyfriend together, is 360 degrees of peace of mind.In love, there are many shapes.Some people expect a boyfriend to be as honest and loyal as a dog.Some people want their boyfriend to be as smart as a fox.There are also people who want to be accompanied by someone as gentle and lovely as a bear…Everyone has different standards for love, and there’s nothing wrong with that.Today write such an article, not to let you find the standard boyfriend, but to let you understand that love is originally there are all kinds of different forms.Don’t envy others, don’t look down on yourself.Standards are always “relative”, there is no need to follow some standards, strictly to ask them.After all, the best love is the one that suits you.