Harbin issued an announcement: social catering service units to suspend in-store food pharmacies to suspend the sale of antipyretic, antibiotics and other drugs

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From this article: People’s Daily, Harbin, March 14 (Reuters) – Yang Xuenan) on March 14, Harbin response will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak work headquarters announced that since February 27, 2022, Harbin new imported domestic COVID – 19, since the outbreak epidemic situation has serious complex, bin county, the p5 related cases have been found.To keep the epidemic prevention and control, input, output, and prevent the epidemic spread, effective to prevent the spread of epidemic channel quickly, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases such as the emergency response law of the People’s Republic of China, according to expert analysis, with the approval of the municipal headquarters, now the matters related to notice the following:A, chess and card room, parlor, bath, cinemas, theaters, karaoke bars, dance halls, bars, foot massage parlors, massage parlors, video, Internet cafes, script, cafes, libraries, the chamber of secrets escape, indoor sports fitness place, indoor playground project, located in the basement or half basement inn, offline education training institutions of various types of closed space is relatively closed places.Religious sites and collective religious activities will be suspended.All performances will be suspended.All night markets will be suspended.2. Retail pharmacies of all kinds shall suspend the sale of antipyretic, antibiotic, antiviral, cough and cold drugs, and report to the community (village) as soon as possible if the buyer is found to have fever and other suspicious symptoms.Private clinics are closed.Iii. Suspending large-scale conferences, activities, forums, training, performances, exhibitions and sales promotions;Mass activities such as garden Tours, temple fairs, folk customs and square dances will be suspended.Scenic spots should strictly implement the requirements of limit, reservation and staggered peak, implement time-sharing reservation and scanning code (health code and itinerary code) to enter the park, and the number of instantaneous tourists should not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity;Suspending internal performances of scenic spots;Tourist groups and tourists from outside the region will not be received temporarily;Cross-border tourism, receiving and organizing tourist groups from affected areas are prohibited.Iv. All social catering service units (including food sales units that provide in-store meals) shall suspend in-store meals, provide in-store pickup and take-out ordering services, and encourage the implementation of “contactless” delivery.Rural small shops and other indoor gatherings such as chatting, playing cards and dining are prohibited, and villagers are encouraged to visit and walk less.We should postpone red matters, simplify white matters and skip banquets.5. Welfare institutions, pension service institutions and mental health institutions shall be completely closed for management, and the entry and exit of personnel shall be prohibited.Nursing institutions will suspend receiving new residents and visiting activities.The public security, judicial and administrative prisons were completely closed, and family visits with direct contact were suspended.Vi. All construction sites shall be closed for management, and employees who live in enterprises and public institutions shall not leave their residences and work places unless necessary, and the “two points and one line” commuting mode shall be strictly implemented.All colleges and universities in the city are closed, and students are not allowed to go out of school.Eight, all levels of all kinds of administrative enterprises and institutions to implement flexible working system, off-peak work, actively advocate online office, home office.Nucleic acid test screening, daily ventilation and disinfection, daily health monitoring and other measures shall be fully implemented. If any employee is found to have abnormal symptoms, he/she shall be urged to go to the nearest fever clinic for investigation.Nine, all district (CunTun), shopping malls supermarkets, hotels, airport station, agricultural trade market, scenic spots, enterprises and institutions and other public places and the subway to strictly enforce the “code, temperature, wear a face mask”, taxis, buses to strictly enforce the “sweep, wearing a mask”, and in accordance with requirements of the normalized epidemic prevention and control, further compaction “four responsibilities”,All kinds of prevention and control measures have been implemented, including nucleic acid “should be checked as much as possible”, health monitoring of employees and daily ventilation and disinfection.Public places, communities (villages), taxis and buses that do not strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements should be closed down or held accountable.10. Persons returning to Kazakhstan from port cities within The province or from outside the province are required to hold negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours and receive a free on-arrival test immediately upon arrival. Those who do not meet the requirements should complete a free on-arrival test at the nearest place within 12 hours of arrival and report to their communities (villages).From now on, the city suspended the work of COVID-19 vaccination until further notice.Recently, China has seen frequent outbreaks of COVID-19, and Harbin is facing great challenges in epidemic prevention and control.The general public must always be on the alert for epidemic prevention and control, do a good job of personal protection, and maintain good health habits.Please pay close attention to the release of official information by the authorities and refrain from spreading rumors. If there is any intersection with the activity path of positive infected persons, they should actively report to their communities (villages) and work units and cooperate in the implementation of prevention and control measures.Such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell, taste) sleep loss, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and diarrhea, please take the medicine, wears a mask as soon as possible to the nearest medical institutions screening fever clinic and see a doctor, doctor to avoid in the process of taking public transport, and to the living history, contact initiative.