A girl in Henan called the police to change her parents because her New Year’s money was less than her sister’s.

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On January 31, a girl in Mengjin district of Luoyang, Central China’s Henan Province, went to the police station to call the police to change her parents after seeing that her younger sister received more lucky money than she did.(February 3, Luoyang network) distributed New Year’s money, is the important content of the Spring Festival folk custom, meaning to bless peace, at first is not real money, later with the development of social gradually become real money, in recent years with the economic development, New Year’s money is less than dozens, more than hundreds of thousands, is showing the “sesame blossom – high” situation.New Year’s money, although parents give children the New Year’s allowance, but only a child after a hand, may eventually return to their parents “money bag”;But in children’s eyes, it has become a way to keep up with the joneses, to show off, and to measure how much they are loved by their parents, and almost every child expects special care from their parents.In the past, most families had only one child, so there was no “harm” without comparison.New Year’s money hair more, hair less, it doesn’t matter;Now, as the “second child” grew up and began to receive “New Year’s money”, the situation has changed, especially in the era when the “only child” and “second child” exist together, the “eldest”, already “psychologically unbalanced”, is inevitably compared.So, to see his sister got “lucky money” more than himself, the heart is more unbalanced, more determined that their parents no longer “love” themselves;So also “heart angry”, thus “angry to run away”, “police to change parents”.The world, although there is nothing strange, but parents are doomed, in any case is “can not be replaced”;Ask the police uncle for their own decision to change their parents, although this is the child “naive”, but such a problem, such as parents take seriously enough, can not be properly disposed of, is bound to cause bigger problems.One is that it may make the whole family unhappy.Family reunion is the main theme of the traditional festival, so the improper handling of the matter, or the child does not go to the “police”, determined to go out, if again “hurt”, the family, relatives and friends will certainly devote all their energy to find the “child”, not only will let the traditional festival cast a shadow, more likely “not happy New Year”.Second, even if the child “does not report to the police”, “do not run away”, but if the “knot” can not be opened, it is likely to let the “hatred” seeds grow in the inner world, not only may let the heart be distorted, may let the “second” be hurt, so as to destroy the family harmony, so as to affect the healthy growth of their psychological.Almost escaped danger, although this matter in the help of the police, was finally properly solved, but not necessarily “every runaway child” have such good luck;In the face of the alarm bell that has been sounded, the “two-child” families should be highly vigilant, do not think that the “child is too small” is not sensible, thus “treating one side and treating the other side”, but should be “a bowl of water level”.In daily life, the center of gravity slightly biased to “two children”, although understandable, but also when to reason, move, to tell the truth to big children, let it gradually realize that “biased to the second”, not love “eldest brother”, but because “second” is small, more need to get the special care of parents.At the same time, we will try our best to treat children equally when buying toys, clothes and even “New Year’s money” for their children. Those who have the second child should have the first child, so that parents’ care will also be in the heart of the “first child” and eliminate the “illusion” that the “first child” is ignored.The palm and the back of the hand are all meat, no matter the “eldest brother” or “second brother”, are the treasure of their parents, all hope that they can grow up healthily and happily;Therefore, we hope that every “two-child” family can understand the meaning of this “joke”, attach great importance to it, and must not laugh it off.(is that)