What song is it that so many years have passed

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The lyrics, “How many years have passed,” are from the song “Willing.”The song was sung, written and composed by singer Guo Feng and was included in Guo feng’s album You and Me, which was released in January 1995.This song on the whole expresses the willingness to have paid all, willing to pour life for each other’s courage and determination.”How many years have gone by, how many years have gone by without turning back;But in my heart, your warmth will last forever. “Time is in a hurry, and often slips away quietly between every word and every action we make. But in the eyes of those who love in heart, although time is passing by in a hurry, the warmth of the beloved will last forever in their hearts and never die.Written in the lyrics “and you together forever, which pay for you life, real love this time, no matter across mountains and waters, grow old together with you forever, for you are willing to pay for life, ups and downs disasters to coexist, accompany you through a process and a ride”, have expressed a loved one at all brave.No matter over the mountains or how, as long as two people together, will never be a lonely individual, wish the world lovers and their beloved people in ups and downs and all kinds of difficulties in common survival, common through the life of a journey, as long as there is love in the heart, will never be afraid of the road dark.