Shenzhen what run by the local people school will “people turn public”?Yiu Wah, Bestad and other innocent!

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Under the new algorithm of the public account, the smart big White, and more can receive the new push in real time. Recently, many parents of private schools seek big White to consult the problem of international school selection. The reason for their school transfer is actually because the school they are studying will be converted into a public school.If you’re getting the message over and over again, I suggest you look at the reasoning behind the policy.Big white today for everybody analysis shenzhen which run by the local people school turns to run public school possibly?What will be the impact of public schools?And how can parents quickly adapt to policy changes?Shenzhen which schools will people turn public?According to the notice on Regulating the establishment or participation of private compulsory education schools run by public schools, the following types of schools will be forced to “convert from the public to the public”. Schools run by public schools alone or jointly run by public schools and other public entities should be converted to public schools.”Public participation and civilian” schools jointly established by public schools and other social organizations or individuals may be converted into public schools upon consensus through consultation and when conditions are ripe.Third, both “public participation and civilian” schools built in supporting residential communities can be converted to public schools if conditions permit, and they can also provide academic degrees and continue running schools through government purchase of services.4. If a “public participation and civilian” school jointly run by a public school and other social organizations or individuals fails to meet the requirements of “six independence” and is difficult to rectify, it shall be converted into a public school or terminate its operation according to the circumstances.It is worth noting that: 1, not all private schools should be converted to public schools, in line with the “six independent” schools do not need to be converted to public schools for the time being.Aiwen, Huitong and Fubei are all schools that meet the requirements of “six independents”.If the conditions for running schools do not meet the requirements of “six independent schools” but rectification can be made within a prescribed time limit, they may also continue to run privately-run schools.2. According to the national policy, it is necessary to achieve significant results before 2025. The census is still being carried out and will be carried out slowly.3. Both public and state-owned private schools have the probability of transferring to public schools, among which Shenzhen Foreign Language Primary School belongs to state-owned and private schools.(The term “public participation in civilian education” refers to a privately-run compulsory education school run by a public school or participated in the establishment thereof.State-owned and privately-run schools refer to those privately-run schools invested and built by the government and operated by private capital.There are risks “people turn male” shenzhen schools form above in the form of many very hot private schools, including blackstone at primary school, yao hua experimental school, lo wu Hong Kong children school, cloud top school, nanshan school in both Chinese and English, the affiliated high school of Peking University shenzhen nanshan branch, such as rock college, consulting to light recently parents have attended these schools.What are the effects of the transfer of civil unions?The state actively promotes “people to public”, mainly based on the national policy of “double reduction” and “common prosperity”.It has maintained the fairness and public welfare of education, increased the supply of high-quality public compulsory education resources, and standardized the use of public education resources.From a national point of view, the policy is good.But for some parents, especially those attending public schools, the implementation of the policy will have a big impact.Parents have a reading with great feedback: “children in blackstone elementary school, everything is satisfied, if the school public schools, the school curriculum will change, the teacher, the students will have the change, we don’t live near the school, public schools in nearby, I may not be able to continue to study in blackstone, have to ahead of time for children to find a good school…”The conversion of private schools brings a series of responses. First, private schools charge relatively high fees before, but they will be free once they transfer to public schools. Tuition is a good threshold, which determines to some extent who your children spend their study time with.The 2nd, public school is nearby enter a school, public school cannot pick a student, delimit must receive to you, level is uneven, have a lot of bad unborn, trouble maker, basically be to spell father spell a room.School of run by the local people wants investment maout, interview, basically be spell baby.Private students in the choice of better, there is no section of the students or the section of students very few, most are tested in, the level is neat, so good students are more and more willing to test in, the source of students is better and better, a virtuous cycle, many good private schools in Shenzhen a hard to find.Thirdly, the teachers in public schools are relatively stable. However, if there are too many students, teachers may not pay too much attention to students and communicate with parents.Teachers in private schools have a strong sense of crisis, fierce competition, and pay more for students. They have a strong sense of responsibility and teaching strength.Whether the education level of schools will be improved or decreased after the transition to public education depends more on the changes in educational resources and investment in education, which needs to be treated carefully by parents.The reason for the adoption of this series was the serious ageing of the population, the decline of the birth rate and the emergence of demographic problems, among which education, health care and real estate were important factors.Among them, “people to public” is only an important part of the realization of education equity, the intensity of reform can be imagined, we suggest that you do not have a fluke mentality.If you are in the list of schools that may be transferred from private to public, you are advised to make a good education plan in advance: If you plan to go to a public school and stay at your original school, you should make sure in advance whether you meet the requirements for admission to a public school.If you plan to attend a private school, you should find a private school that is compliant and suitable for your child in advance. If you are not very clear, you can consult Baymax.Under the background of the national policy of not approving new private schools, high-quality private schools will become scarce resources, and parents should seize the degree early.If you plan to send your child to study abroad in the future, you’d better plan an international school for your child in advance. At present, the national curriculum audit of private schools is becoming more and more strict, and some parents who pursue a high degree of internationalization may give priority to purely foreign international schools.No matter what choice you make, it is recommended to make long-term plans before policy changes.