Shandong strictly controls relevant construction projects to occupy provincial public welfare forest

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– a reporter This newspaper jinan Chen xiao wan reports Recently, the province of natural resources, departments jointly issued by the shandong provincial public welfare forest designation and measures for the administration, regulations to strictly control the appropriation of provincial public welfare forest related construction projects, strict logging management, but also regulated the rational use of provincial public welfare forest, on the premise of meet the requirements,Underforest economy and forest tourism can be developed appropriately.Provincial public welfare forest in Shandong province refers to the forest land and forest on the forest land which plays an important role in national ecological security, biodiversity protection and sustainable development of economy and society, and the forest species are shelterbelt forest and special use forest.On the basis of summarizing the practice in recent years, the Measures specify the specific scope and standards for the designation of public welfare forests, and stipulates that the forest land and the forest on the forest land should be classified as public welfare forests at the headwaters of important rivers, on both sides of important rivers, around important reservoirs, protected natural areas and areas with serious soil and water erosion.At the same time, the principle that provincial public welfare forest and national public welfare forest should not be repeated was put forward.The provincial public welfare forest implements the management mechanism of “total quantity control, regional stability, dynamic management, increase and decrease balance”.In terms of transferring provincial public welfare forests, the principle is not to affect the overall ecological function, and to maintain centralized contiguity.Once the same plot is transferred out, it is not allowed to apply for replenishment again in principle.State-owned provincial public welfare forest in principle shall not be transferred out.In terms of replenishment, it should conform to the zoning scope and standards stipulated in the Measures, and the public welfare forests to be replenished should be forest lands and forests on forest lands that play an important role in ecological security and biodiversity protection.The Measures also regulate the rational use of public welfare forests at provincial level.Provincial-level public welfare forests should be properly managed and renewed while ensuring that the health and vitality of the ecosystem are not threatened or damaged.Those who need to carry out cultivation and regeneration cutting shall conform to the forest operation plan and be implemented after being approved by the competent forestry authorities of the people’s governments at or above the county level according to law.On the premise of meeting the requirements of ecological location protection and not affecting the ecological function of public welfare forest, the forest resources and forest landscape resources of provincial public welfare forest can be rationally utilized, and underforest economy and forest tourism can be moderately developed.Source: Dazhong Daily