Xinzhou City epidemic prevention and control office tip: received time and space with SMS or health code yellow how to do

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Xinzhou City Epidemic Prevention and Control Office tips:Received in time and space with short message or health code yellow grim and complex, how to do the current outbreak to protect people’s life safety and body health, fast and efficient to block the spread of disease, according to the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations and the epidemic prevention and control, experts of the provincial, city comprehensive, for zhuhai XinFu area sealing centralization and control area, prevent area classification management.Now during the epidemic prevention and control, the received time and space with short message or turn yellow, and so on and so forth warm prompt health code is as follows: one, what is “time and space with” “time and space with” refers to the open space in the outdoor, the same base station distance radius after the prescribed time (e.g., ten minutes or more) track collision cell phone number, defined as “time and space with” likely to be exposed.For example, if an infected person has been somewhere in the past 14 days, and you have crossed paths with him in those 14 days, whether it is a physical pass or a drift in communication signals, it could be considered “temporal and spatial companion.”If the number stays with the confirmed number for more than 10 minutes and the number stays with the confirmed number for more than 30 hours in the last 14 days, the detected number is a space-time companion number.Second, what is “time and space companion”?”Time companion” refers to a person whose phone number has been confirmed to be associated with a confirmed case by the COVID-19 prevention and control system. If there is a time and space companion, the person’s green health code will become a yellow code with a warning and be marked as “time and space companion” by the system.Three, “time and space accompany” yellow code how to turn green code?Personnel to implement home health monitoring are endowed with yellow yards (fever, headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, smell like loss of abnormal symptoms timely report), and to inform the community for the first time, and three times according to the provisions of the nucleic acid testing (interval should be more than 24 hours, the last time the nucleic acid testing for the short time hints of transcoding) the day before, such as the results are negative,When the health monitoring expires (transcoding time prompted by SMS), the code can be automatically changed to green code.Yellow code personnel who meet the requirements for transcoding and fail to automatically transcode shall apply to their communities (villages), streets (towns) for transcoding from yellow code to green code based on three negative nucleic acid test results.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.We need to keep the strings of epidemic prevention and control tight, strictly comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and further enhance the awareness of prevention and control.If you receive the above warning message, do not panic, immediately report to your community (village), street (town), and actively cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures.At the same time, we must not believe or spread rumors, stay vigilant and obtain information on epidemic prevention and control through formal channels.Those who violate relevant regulations and cause adverse effects will be severely investigated for legal responsibility.The above measures will be adjusted dynamically based on nucleic acid test results and epidemic risk assessment results. During the prevention, control and management period, we hope that you can understand, support and cooperate with the inconvenience caused by travel and daily life.Xinzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group Office February 26, 2022