The winter road is long and long

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It was a little dark, and a cold north wind was blowing over the city, making the weather in the North still chilly.Do not know is the influence of major cold solar term?Or is the cold note still shuttling in the corridor?In short, without the courage to stop outdoors, how can we compare wings with the cold wind, and how can we not fear any wind, frost, rain and snow!How to play a victory song on the long winter road?The sun is indistinguishable, so that the sky is not clear, scattered snowflakes drift with the wind, like a “mirror flower snow moon” state, deduce the characteristics of winter cloudy and sunny.Perhaps the winter is still arrogant, touch the youth of nature, and low temperature counterparts, and even if the travelers do not want to hibernate in the winter, how can like animal hibernation, to choose the season change?The changes of nature, evolution, and always not to man’s will transfer, on the contrary is driven beings constantly challenge setbacks, overcome difficulties, indomitable perseverance, just had a real version of the successful cases, have all realize the dream and the dream, not stuck in the past, blame, because there is no forever life journey straight, winding,Full of mud, only advancing with The Times, standing on a new height, with the hardships of life, can optimistic look at life, not afraid of snow, not afraid of cold, no matter the prosperity of the fall?Or is it just wind and water?Is a happy-go-lucky.Think, if the passers-by can stick to the original heart, do with the years sail together, how can not “invincible, will be high”.For winter, once upon a time, also had a lot of yearning, can look at the howling of the north wind, read as snow dancing;Can gallop ice and snow, artistic conception all things wither.But it soon changes with the increase of the growth rings, because the winter is long, if you go out of the world of ice and snow, you have to sneak along with the time all the way, you have to wait until the Spring Festival, you can reproduce the spring of life year after year, and this will waste another year of time, virtual one year longer, resulting in the real “life is easy to old, time wasted”.So in the picture scroll of the heart, mixed emotions, rising and falling, both step towards spring wishful thinking, and do not want to witness time like water quietly slip away.Calm heart lake, actually think, life is only to cherish the present, embrace the time, perseverance to sprint ahead, can not be time not spring, is not blocked as mean overrating oneself historical trend, but a cognitive development factors of age and update reason, give yourself some let life is full of sunshine from now on, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, regardless of the fallen petal open flower,Still let the heart and soul of the four seasons like spring, in order to write the future, colorful movement.Time flies, and the frozen world of winter, like the stars, will eventually disperse, and when the journey ahead is full of flowers, the beautiful spring will walk with us again.Watch the tree of life, stop in midwinter season, no matter how short or how long, the road of life should be calm, optimistic.Regardless of the future journey mountain high sea wide, or the road is far water shallow, and unknown where, to believe that is all doomed, so warm embrace each season of winter, be at ease, only after the heavy winter retreat, take it calmly, reappear grass long warbler flying in February day, track and go……This article is forwarded to article reading network