A number of financial management son voice doubt trillion financial management market net retreat!”Market value method” net performance can directly reflect market fluctuations

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Bank financial products net value fluctuations triggered a number of financial companies collective voice.A few days ago, including CCB financial management, ICBC financial management, Rural bank financial management, China Merchants Bank financial management and other bank financial management companies on the recent part of the net value of financial products, financial product returns are negative and other market concerns to explain the market.As of March 14, there were more than 30,000 wealth management products with a cumulative net value of less than 1, 1,676 of them, accounting for more than 5%, according to China Wealth Management Website.At the same time, China Banking Association also issued a document to guide investors to establish a correct investment concept of wealth management products, requiring the banking industry not to mislead investment, not to blindly recommend, not to promise “principal and return”.By the end of 2021, the size of the banking wealth management market reached 29 trillion yuan, up 12.14 percent year on year, according to Chinanews.com.A total of 47,600 new financial products were issued throughout the year, with a total fund of 122.19 trillion yuan raised, generating nearly 1 trillion yuan of income for investors.It can be said that investor education is related to the healthy development of bank finance market.In order to further guide the majority of investors to establish a correct investment concept of financial products and build a harmonious and win-win financial consumption relationship, China Banking Association and banking financial management registration and Custody center issued eight proposals to financial product investors and the banking industry.These eight initiatives including lead investors to deepen the understanding of financial products, guide the investors to set up correct concept of financial management and guide the reasonable investor rights according to law, encourage Banks always stick to customer rights and interests, encourage banking adherence to sales management rules and encourage Banks to strengthen comprehensive information disclosure, encourages the banking industry to efficiently resolve disputes, encourage investors banking and how to carry out comprehensive teachingEducation work.Reporters noted that the China Banking Association required the banking industry to strictly abide by the sales of appropriate management standards.Strictly abide by professional ethics and codes of conduct, do not mislead investment, blindly recommend or promise “guaranteed capital and guaranteed returns”, and guide investors to purchase financial products that are suitable for their own economic strength and risk tolerance.Cba said that it hoped investors and the banking industry would respond to the initiative, start from themselves, start now, adhere to the concept of “financial management is not deposits, products are risky, investment needs to be cautious”, and effectively contribute to the healthy development of the banking financial management market.The net performance of financial products under the “market value method” can directly reflect the reasons for the loss of bank financial products due to market fluctuations. Liao Zhiming, chief analyst of The banking industry of China Merchants Securities, once told reporters that in the recent period of time, the returns of mixed and fixed income financial products are relatively low, which is followed by the end of the transition period of the new capital management regulations.The proportion of the whole bank’s wealth management products using fair value valuation is increasing.Icbc said the recent net value of some wealth management products has been withdrawn, mainly due to the resonance of the domestic and foreign stock and bond markets.In 2021, the transition period of the new rules on asset management officially came to an end, and the financial market entered a new era of net worth development. Net worth financial products completely replaced expected income financial products.Due to many reasons, such as more open and transparent information disclosure and the shift of valuation method to “market value method”, the net value performance of financial products is directly linked to the underlying assets, which can intuitively reflect market fluctuations.”Since the beginning of this year, black swans have appeared frequently and the volatility of the international financial market has increased significantly, which has had a certain impact on the net value of some financial products,” CCB said in a recent statement.The reasons can be summarized into three aspects: the us bond yield continues to rise rapidly, the global stock market adjustment;Geopolitics;Impact of the epidemic.CCB believes that, after 3 months of adjustment, the current a-share broad base index valuation is significantly down, more than two-thirds of the industry in the recent 10 years at A low valuation level, the A-share market price performance gradually emerged;The effects of policies to stabilize domestic growth are expected to gradually emerge.China’s monetary policy will remain loose, and the budget for fiscal expenditure this year will be significantly larger than last year.Supporting policies related to real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing and consumption are also expected to be introduced in succession.As the “steady growth” policy continues to strengthen and the liquidity environment improves, the market’s expectations for the economic outlook gradually become clearer, and the stock price will be ahead of the economic inflection point.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn