The collision porcelain party invents new tricks, the dashcam is useless, the car owner can only recognize the failure

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We often see a variety of porcelain collision phenomenon in the TV news, often there are vulnerable groups deliberately fall in front of the luxury car, using the driver’s kindness to blackmail.They hurt themselves to get more compensation.Before the number of domestic monitoring is small, car owners do not have the awareness of installing dashcam, in case of porcelain party, can only eat dumb loss.Now that there are better surveillance cameras on the roads and most cars have dashcams, the gangs’ blackmail methods are also on the rise.A car owner in Beijing, Mr. Liu, was involved in a special traffic accident. Mr. Liu was driving his car on a fast road.Mr. Liu found that there was a private car in front of him, which was very slow. Mr. Liu honked his horn to urge the car ahead, but the car in front did not respond.Mr Liu is ready to bend the line and overtake the slow moving private car ahead.When Mr. Liu presses the line to change the road, the flank suddenly appears a non – motor vehicle, non – motor vehicle directly turns toward Mr. Liu.After the crash, Mr. Liu stopped to check each other’s injuries.Non-motor vehicle driver to Mr. Liu pressure lane change, violation of traffic rules on the ground, let Mr. Liu compensation 20,000 yuan.At this time, Mr. Liu knew that the non-motor vehicle driver and the previous slow speed of the private car is a group, the front of the private car deliberately slow speed forced Mr. Liu pressure lane change.Mr. Liu violated traffic rules, the next to the non-motor vehicle took the opportunity to touch porcelain.Mr. Liu really broke the traffic rules. Even if the traffic police came, they would hold him responsible.Finally, Mr. Liu can only spend money to buy a lesson, to the non-motor vehicle driver 20,000 yuan cash, and the other side of the private.Liu posted his story online, which resonated with many car owners.Many owners are like Mr. Liu, dissatisfied with the front car turtle speed and pressure lane change, and finally suddenly rushed out of the non-motor vehicle collision together, lost tens of thousands of yuan.Some car owners encounter more porcelain pattern, the vehicle in the road when the normal driving porcelain vehicle will suddenly close to the driver’s vehicle, will be ready to hit the stone on each other’s car, causing the illusion of two cars collided.When a driver stops to check the condition of his car, the collision party makes him pay for rear-end collisions.Now touch porcelain party means and routine more and more, there have been many car owners do not understand the situation into the trap of touch porcelain party, not clear spent tens of thousands.What makes car owners even angier is that it is difficult to prove their innocence even if the car has a dashcam, and most car owners end up admitting defeat.How to avoid the porcelain party?Drivers must obey traffic rules when driving on the road. Even if the car in front is moving at a slow speed, the driver behind must not change lanes.As long as we comply with the traffic rules, civilized driving, the porcelain party can not find any opportunities and loopholes.In case of a traffic accident caused in the process of driving, the owner must not panic, not to worry about the private.No matter the traffic accident occurs in the motor vehicle lane or closed road, everyone should call the police at the first time, so that the traffic police issue an accident identification notice.After buying a car, the owner had better install a 360-degree dashcam on the car, with dashcam as an auxiliary tool, even if the porcelain party can restore what happened, but also the owner of the innocence.Now touch porcelain party routine is multifarious, as long as the owner suspects that he was touched porcelain will alarm to solve, do not give the opportunity to touch porcelain party.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete