The New Zealand journalist who told the real Story of China was surprised to find himself “tagged” on Twitter

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A New Zealand journalist in China who tells the real China through his own lens found himself accidentally “tagged” on Twitter.Andy Boreham is a New Zealander who has been living in China for 10 years. He currently works for The Shanghai Daily newspaper. While studying at Fudan University, Boreham interned with various Chinese media companies.”Not a speculator touting China, but a media man telling the truth,” is his self-introduction on twitter.However, An was surprised to find himself tagged by Twitter today: “Wow, Twitter has labeled me ‘Chinese state media’.As far as I know, I am the first foreigner to hold this coveted title.Let’s keep fighting the machines, guys!”↓ The tweet was accompanied by emojis representing happiness, celebration and the Chinese national flag.The post quickly became a hot topic among netizens, and many “enthusiastic netizens” interviewed him, and he responded to each one.↓ “Do you think the blue check you got a few weeks ago caused all this?Now you have [the label], do you think it’s harmful?”Left on 13 December last year, the United States the New York times, according to the Australian strategic policy institute (ASPI) reports published reports, trumpeting the so-called “China to use foreign web celebrity influence”, foreign net red became “agents”, China needs to stop at all costs, AnBaiRan is one of “naming” foreigners in China.On Dec. 18, Shanghai Daily published an Boran’s opinion piece, “Your Life in Shanghai sucks, isn’t it?!The West tries to block the Good News about China online. Andrew exposes the west’s lies about Xinjiang, China. With sharp and humorous language, he strongly fights back against the New York Times and other Western media for smearing China, suppressing positive reports on China, and trying to monopolize the “truth” about China in the world.And today after this “surprise” discovery, Ann Boran even was envied…David Ferguson from The UK, a senior translation and revision expert at The Foreign Languages Press, also commented on An’s tweet: “Damn it.I’m actually the official Chinese media, but I don’t have that coveted title.But I guess you worked hard for it.Congratulations, brother…”↓ There are many netizens comment on the key points.↓ “Haha you must have made someone feel bad for Twitter to do this to you,” one person wrote.↓ “I would like to thank the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and the journalists from the major western media I have been clicking on.””What about cia affiliated media?Everywhere!”↓ Amanda replied: “That’s the default, so they only give special tags.””Congratulations to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.The CBC doesn’t even get this, they’re funded by the government.”↓ An also affirmed: “Such a unique honor!”This is one of the highest marks of honor a man can receive. Congratulations, Andy!The detractors were very upset, which means you did the right thing.””I’d like to thank them in person, but their Twitter accounts are locked.”↓ An Boran was recently interviewed by When asked about his different understanding of China after coming to China, he said, “I think my understanding of China is very different now.Before coming to China, I am very interested in China, but at the time was more worried that some western media reports described China’s dangerous is very backward, the government regardless of human rights and so on, but I travel to guangxi nanning for the first time, I found I really cheated, because China is not what western media reported.”In fact, there are a lot of isolated people in the world. It’s not that they are good or bad, but they don’t have the opportunity to come to China and see the country with their own eyes. They can only learn about this complicated country through foreign media reports.So we have to blame the foreign media, and we have to blame the governments of other countries, because I think they are really manipulating things on purpose.””But the good news is that I feel that more and more people are opening their eyes and realizing — like me — that these negative stories about China reported by the foreign media do not represent the real story,” He added when asked how western readers view the china-related remarks of some so-called “China experts.”