Huachi: the top of the field spring surge laminating film at the time

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A year’s plan begins in spring.Huachi county firmly grasp the spring tillage production, the county top laminating film work as the top priority of spring agricultural production, early arrangement, early deployment, early action, seize the recent rain and temperature rise of the favorable opportunity, widely mobilized cadres and the masses snatching soil to carry out the top laminating film, quickly set off a spring tillage production upsurge.Into shang Wan village, a piece of the field machinery rumble, farmers in groups of three and five plastic film mutual aid group, with plastic film machinery, you pressure I cover soil, sowing the hope of a New Year’s harvest.Du Xueyong is a well-known local agricultural machinery driver and operator. At this time of year, he is a busy man in the village, shuttling in the fields almost every day. After his own home is finished with mulching, he also helps other villagers in the village.Du Xueyong, a villager from Shangwan Village, Huachi County, said:”Film supply early this year, the soil moisture is also good, so the mobilization of the family and the village neighbors have put mulch on the shop, shop is finished, can help each other to dry, last year’s harvest can also be planted more than 30 mu, there were 20 mu this year, down a total of 50 acres, look at this year’s weather conditions can also, hope to have a good harvest this year.”The reporter saw some farmers are also applying compound fertilizer to the ground, spraying pesticides to inhibit weed growth, to prepare for the later corn planting.Behind them was a vast expanse of white, mulched farmland.Liu Gande, a villager from Shangwan village, Huachi County, said: “I used herbicide. When the herbicide was applied and the mulch was put on, the grass stopped growing. When the corn was planted, it grew very well.”In order to ensure the smooth development of the top ling mulching film, villa township to give full play to the role of cadres at all levels of model leadership, in-depth villages and fields, tracking guidance services, face to face to solve the problems encountered by farmers in the process of mulching film, to ensure that the quality and quantity of complete the county top Ling mulching task.Yuan Mingang, deputy head of The Village, said:”This year, we will top ling village township coated as to grasp the focus of agricultural production to promote food security work to grasp, through the main leadership package for scheduling, rural group level cadres BaoHu mobilization, science and technology correspondent Bao Village package plot straw forage grass, guidance and cleaning waste film in the new film, clean up the nursery stock to protect arable land, way of” three packs of three clear “rapid qing teng plot,Carry out top laminating work.Today, more than 280 mu has been covered with film, which is expected to be completed by the middle of April. It will effectively ensure the annual planting of 26,000 mu of grain and feed corn, helping rural revitalization.”It is understood that This year, Huachi county will complete the whole plastic-film mulching on double ridges 400,000 mu, fertilizer agricultural film and other production materials are equipped with sufficient, the work is solid and orderly progress, is expected to complete the ding Ling mulching work in mid-April.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: