The woman on the train accidentally gave birth to a premature baby

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After the train stopped at Xuchang Station, mother and daughter were escorted to the hospital by station staff.A baby girl was suddenly born on the Shenzhen-Xi ‘an K1348 train in the early morning of April 6. With the help of the train staff and the passenger doctor, mother and daughter are safe.”Emergency call conductor, there is a passenger giving birth in car 10, please come at once!”At 4:06 a.m., soon after the train left luohe station, an urgent call came from the intercom.As the train duty duty task is zhuzhou locomotive depot balance deep west team first crew group, duty conductor Hu Jie heard the call, while trotted to no. 10 car, while using the intercom notice announcer: “fast, immediately broadcast for a doctor.”Hu Jie arrived at the no. 10 carriage to learn that the passenger surnamed Guo, from Wuchang on the bus ready to go to Luoyang for labor, did not think of the middle of the night stomach pain, the baby premature.In an emergency, meng Bin, the train safety officer, brought a clean sheet, Deng Xiaojiang, the conductor, gently picked up the baby and carefully wrapped it with the sheet, Hu Jie invited a female passenger to help, sorted out the clothes of the pregnant woman, and helped her to rest in the carriage. At this time, other train members also arrived with the medicine box.A few passengers near the situation, also rushed to help, but I do not know where to start, very anxious.At 4:16, yan, a doctor born in 1995 from a hospital in Luoyang, heard the broadcast and immediately rushed to carriage 10.Dr. Yan took over the baby and cleaned it up. After confirming that the baby’s cries were normal and vital signs were in good condition, he told Hu Jie that he would not cut the umbilical cord and get off at the station in front of him and go to the hospital for treatment.”The train plan in front of the station is Zhengzhou station, zhengzhou to 5:30, hurriedly apply for temporary parking xuchang station.”Hu Jie checked the train time map, determined the plan with his colleagues, and contacted Xuchang Station to provide arrival and pick up for medical treatment.At 4:32, the train stopped at Xuchang station. Hu Jie, holding the baby that had just been born in the world for less than half an hour, accompanied the woman to get off the train and handed over the mother and daughter to the staff of Xuchang Station, who escorted her to the hospital.At present, the passenger is in good condition, mother and daughter are doing well.■ All media reporter and tingting correspondent Yang Xinfei Wu Xiaojun Liu Wen statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: