The exit and entry hall of Keshan County Public Security Bureau was in a good state on the first day of work after the holiday

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February 7th, the seventh day of Chinese New Year, is the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday.In the greeting of “Happy New Year” and “Happy New Year”, the civil auxiliary police in the exit and entry hall of The Public Security Bureau of Queshan County quickly turned from the holiday state to the working state, bringing the good police atmosphere and appearance into the energetic and hopeful New Year.”Happy New Year, how can I help you?”In the exit and entry hall, the police warmly received the people who came to conduct business.”Today is the first day of work after the Holiday, and we arrived at work at 7:50 am on time to take good measures to prevent and control the epidemic and meet the first peak period of post-holiday permit issuance.”Exit and entry control unit head Ailey said.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the permit, we specially set up guidance personnel in the exit and entry hall to maintain the order of the window, strictly prevent and control the epidemic, patiently answer the questions raised by the masses, and guide the masses to apply, take photos, accept and other procedures according to the procedures of the exit and entry permit, so as to ensure the orderly operation of the permit.”Or his hometown high efficiency, good service attitude, less than half an hour to accept good, for the efficient staff praise.”Mr. Zhang, who came to apply for a passport, said.In recent years, the Exit and Entry Administration Unit of Queshan County Public Security Bureau has always practiced the concept of “entry and exit should be allowed, service should not be allowed”. Taking people’s satisfaction as the starting point, it has strengthened service measures, innovated service means, and made efforts to create a satisfactory exit and entry service window for the masses.(Information hotline: 0396-3599908, email:”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)