Fly kites to help the Winter Olympics

2022-06-24 0 By

On February 12, the Qingzhou Federation of Trade Unions organized a kite flying activity called “Go China for the Winter Olympics” at the Hiye Ski Resort of Tianci Mountain scenic spot in Qingzhou city, in order to create a strong atmosphere of snow and ice sports, popularize kite sports and enrich winter sports activities of employees.Under the blue sky, white snow and colorful kites complement each other, in the sun set off is particularly bright, morning glory long string of kites, as if from the sky, shining, shining waist flying in the wind, a sense of national pride in heaven and earth.In the distance, a group of sandswallow kites are particularly eye-catching, floating in the sky, symbolizing that the five continents and the four seas are a community with a shared future, united together to bring joy to the world, constitute a very beautiful winter picture.In this activity, more than 10 fine kites with their own characteristics were flown, showing the exquisite craft of kite making in Qingzhou City. The flying activity attracted many tourists to participate in the snow resort and took photos to commemorate the event. The Tianci Mountain in winter was full of laughter and laughter.This activity not only enables more employees to understand the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, familiar with ice and snow sports, but also popularized the kite culture, so that more people understand and participate in kite sports, flying dreams and good wishes in the heart, harvest happiness and health, and create a good atmosphere for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.