“Blue committee” Li Dewei announced to give up re-election to the standing committee: to concentrate on serving as party cadres

2022-06-24 0 By

Kuomintang (KMT) lawmaker Lee Tee-wei shared his personal experiences on his Facebook page on Sunday, thanking all circles for their support and love. However, he suddenly announced that the page will suspend operation and update immediately, and that he will give up his bid for re-election to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Standing Committee, saying that he will focus on being a party cadre.On The 29th, Lee dewei posted that he could not talk about personal matters until he was busy with the big events in Taiwan. On the first day of the holiday, HE sorted out some thoughts and shared them with everyone.He said that the KMT is an important political party with irreplaceable value, both to the Chinese world as a whole and to Taiwan.Li dewei said he joined the KMT when he was in high school and has been a member of the Party for more than 35 years. He has been a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee for 14 years from 2008 to 2022.Since 2020, he has served as a non-district “legislator” of the KMT, actively serving the KMT, the country and society, and exerting a positive influence.Lee dewei said he will become the chief deputy secretary of the party from Feb. 1 and will take over on Aug. 1 if there are no accidents. He decided not to seek re-election because he has been a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for many years and wants to focus on being a party cadre.In addition, Lee dewei also pointed out that his recent “Facebook” post caused a variety of waves and discussions, all kinds of voices spread into the ears, but his original intention is to wish the KMT good.As one of the third caucus leaders, he has to be more careful about what he says and does, so he decided to suspend the operation of his Facebook fan club until the day he steps down.I hope to repay my fellow legislators and the KMT for their support, and strive for their love in the future.According to media reports, registration for the KMT central Standing Committee (the first term of the 21st term) election closed yesterday (28) and the vote will be held on March 5.The competition is expected to be fiercer than usual as 40 central committee members have registered to run for only 29 seats.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan #