Before the Final between China and South Korea, Shui Qingxia inspired the women’s football team with “The Lone Brave”

2022-06-24 0 By

In the evening of February 13, the CCTV news channel will broadcast the “Face to Face” column interview with The Head coach of The Chinese women’s national football team, Shui Qingxia.In footage released by CCTV news, Ms. Shui mentioned details leading up to the women’s Asian Cup final between China and South Korea.The CCTV video released shui Qingxia’s video link screen before the final match between China and South Korea.Shui Qingxia mentioned the song “Lone Brave”, said that this is a song that everyone listens to and likes very much.”I asked,” Is there a war?War!Spell doesn’t spell it?Spell it!Then I think it’s all right.””Because it is impossible to say that the other side gave it away, any champion wants to win, all have to do hard preparation.I hope that tomorrow’s game, the field is the warrior, warrior, not the little princess, do not have such a situation.”When talking about the selection of the national women’s football team, Shui Qingxia expressed some difficulty: “I think why do you say so? There are very good prospects, but in the real football field, maybe the performance is a little different from what I expected.There are some good young players, but their relative experience including their confidence level on the court, I don’t think they are as good as the Japanese.I don’t think it’s too difficult because the only women players are in the team, and I don’t think it’s too difficult because there are not too many of them.”In the face of reporter’s questions, do you have a “clever housewife without rice” feeling?”So far, so good,” replied Shui qingxia. “I think we can do some dishes.”Talking about the next goal, Shui qingxia said that during this period, we will do a basic recovery and then return to the various teams to play tournaments and league games. The plan is for the national team to gather again in May, also for the East Asian Cup, and then the Asian Games in September.Photo: Javed Dhar, China Eastern Airlines Source: CCTV News Edited by Xia Yang, Yang Ye Reviewed by Zhang Xiaotong