What has happened this year?Abandoned by three teams, snatched by the Lakers and nets, career bottom

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What kind of life do you prefer, ups and downs, or plain?Is it spectacular, or is it simple?Of course, sometimes life just doesn’t help you.What’s happened to him this year?Dumped by three teams, snatched by the Lakers, nets, warriors, and hit rock bottom is Golan.Dragic, what’s happened to Dragic this year?In two words, ups and downs!On August 7, 2021, Dragic was sent by the Heat to the Toronto Raptors on February 11, 2022. On February 15, 2022, He was bought by the Spurs. On February 22, 2022, Dragic signed with the Nets.After coming to the nets, how are dragic’s numbers?What’s the status?Could the Nets keep Dragic this summer?Four numbers may give us the answer.That’s dragic’s field goal percentage for the Nets, which is the lowest of his career and even lower than his rookie season.That’s dragic’s 3-point percentage for the Nets, which is also the lowest of his career. Dragic is averaging 0.8 3-pointers per game, the second lowest of his career, only better than his rookie season.Three, 113.1 that’s dragic’s career worst defensive rating in the Nets.It’s hard to ask dragic, 35, to step up defensively.Just a month ago, Dragic was being snapped up by six teams, including the Lakers, nets and Warriors, and now he’s having the worst season of his career.What to say?Why can’t Dragic play in the Nets?Is it Dragic himself?Or will the Nets not use Dragic?In 2019-20 with the Heat, Dragic averaged 6.5 pick-and-rolls per game, shot 43.7 percent and scored 0.94 points per pick and roll.This season for the Nets, Dragic is averaging just 3.3 pick-and-rolls per game, shooting 39.5 percent and scoring just 0.66 points per pick-and-roll.The Nets are averaging 15.4 pick-and-rolls per game this season, 27th in the league and fourth from the bottom, making it difficult for Dragic on a team that doesn’t like pick-and-rolls.Dragic likes to have the ball in his hands, and has a career-low 16.4 percent of his possessions in the Nets this season. Dragic has only had his rookie season, when he had less than 20 percent of his possessions, and the rest of his seasons, when he had 23.9 percent in Miami last season.As a result, Dragic is making 31.8 percent of his shots in the Nets this season, a career high.Although Harden left, but the Nets have two super durant and Irving, Nash is also very hard to use the two superstar, the ball is basically in the hands of these two, the rest of the work is very simple.Outside catch and shoot, eat cake and play defense.So Mills, Steph, and Draymond are all hot and bothered, and Dragic is not.Dragic, born in 1986, is still 35 years old, and will turn 36 in May.For a player, it’s the end of his career, don’t compare to Paul James.To relaunch his career, dragic needs to change his game from on-ball to off-ball, from pick-and-roll to catch-and-shoot, like Anthony did. Can dragic do that?It’s kind of hard!Such dragic, expected this summer will part ways with the Nets.Fans, does Dragic still have oil on him?Could dragic have a second chance with another team?Drop me a comment.