The championship is in the cards!Guangdong’s two big rivals were all hit hard, netizens: at least can enter the finals!

2022-06-23 0 By

The CBA league is in the midst of a fierce battle this season, and the follow-up playoff is still the biggest concern of the outside world.Liaoning, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Zhejiang have occupied the top four in the CBA, but many netizens still believe that the powerful Guangdong can reverse the trend in the third stage and playoffs.Especially the recent guangdong team ushered in a variety of good, will be an important factor in the whole playoff.In fact, after guangdong lost to Liaoning, Guangzhou and Shanghai in the second stage, many netizens were worried about the collapse of Guangdong.However, guangdong team until Zhao Rui and Ma Shang – Brooks after the return of the team, its overall strength will be greatly improved.Even liaoning team, there is no guarantee to win guangdong team, not to mention Shanghai team, Guangzhou team, Zhejiang team and other teams want to beat Guangdong team, very difficult.Guangdong team is now ranked fifth in the standings is still a good position, after all, now came two good news for guangdong team.On the one hand, the old rival Zhejiang team’s big foreign aid Endor was exposed this season will not return.That is to say, Endor, who is very suitable for zhejiang team’s flexible inside line has no longer become guangdong team can not suppress the object.On the other hand, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball’s main force big foreign aid Han will leave the team in the recent line.The two news will be the third stage of the CBA and the playoff division after Guangdong Foshan.Many netizens thought that zhejiang would be a breakthrough for Guangdong without Endor, who supports the entire offense and defense system inside.However, after Hamilton returned to Beijing team, it will cause a great threat to Guangdong team.However, the Beijing Ducks are currently ranked eighth in the standings.In the playoffs, The Beijing Ducks will face Liaoning in the first round, which was a good plan for them to assemble their best team to beat Liaoning in the second round.Even if Beijing can’t take Liaoning, it could be a huge drain on the latter’s stamina.Guangdong’s opponent in the third stage is not strong.Guangzhou team is now ranked 7 position, continue to suppress the possibility of Beijing team.At the very least, Guangdong could even give Guangzhou a strategic victory to keep Beijing down as no. 7 in the standings.The sixth shenzhen team is Beijing team can not surpass the existence, so Beijing team probability will fall in the eighth position in the standings.At that time, guangdong team to the fifth into the playoffs, the first round play Zhejiang team + Liaoning team semi-finals.Guangdong, the host team, is likely to win a depleted Zhejiang team that has been depleted by Beijing and Liaoning team.