So touched!Sui Wenjing podium tears collapse again, Han Cong passionate singing of the national anthem, good eyes have power

2022-06-23 0 By

Beijing one of the last gold medal in Olympic figure skating, Chinese combination again to the highest podium SuiWenJing and Han Cong, pyeongchang, in four years ago, the distance to the gold medal only a little difference, this time back to home, in his “the applause and scream,” green barrel combination “only one goal – the gold medal!Before the short program competition, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong gave a perfect performance to break the world record, 84.41 points, a new world record, currently ranked the first, After the match, Sui Wenjing said: “I don’t feel the world record, just laid a good foundation, I hope to slide out of the level in the free skating.Obviously, in the eyes of the pair, the short program is just the beginning, free skating is the key to the absolute champion, all the success or failure will wait until the gold medal is decided.As old athlete, keep love, keep trying harder, in the free competition, SuiWenJing/Han Cong axis is not only appearance, but also to challenge the difficult moves around the twisting, with they grew up in the suitcase, jinqiao music, tell their story in the competition of the tacit understanding and trust, after the tears and hugs, along the way not easy and hard most know each other,Slowly become the person you know best.Finally, “green barrel combination” with free skating 155.47 points, the total number of the first, deserved to win the heavy gold medal, coach Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo also embraced together, CCTV sighed: “Olympic champion brings out the Olympic champion!”From silver to gold in Beijing, pyeongchang four years of efforts, the perfect ending, was too exciting ceremony after the game, stand the five-star red flag, hike up huge Han Cong is one by one with rival with SuiWenJing hug, it is worth mentioning that the pairs competition award ceremony, no ice mound mound, but directly awarded MEDALS, SuiWenJing and Han Cong hang up the gold medal for each other,Hear the national anthem sounded, Sui Wenjing cried again, and Han Cong is singing the national anthem, look passionate, eyes are particularly powerful!