Reading is part of being a man

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To be a man is to be a man of high ideal standards.This must be learned at an early age;Even in the old age, we should continue to learn and work hard.As the saying goes, “It is never too late to learn, to be old”.Students go to school and graduate;But to be a man is never to graduate — to be a man, that is to do, while he dies;So a man must die.It has been true since ancient times that one can’t live without a job.But being a profession is not the whole of being a man, but only a part of it.A student attends school in order to prepare himself for his future career.However, except in the classroom;Such as in the dormitory, or in the sports field, are also in life, but also when learning.Reading in the classroom, that is only part of learning to be a man;In the future, out of school, have a career, but also to be a man.Life circle is big, career circle is small.A person should have ideal, have a volunteer.Such ideals and aspirations are hidden within each person, invisible to others but only to himself.Therefore, reading should be ambitious;Secondly, when we can form a habit, we can continue to study after leaving school.Reading is also a part of life, because from reading can understand the truth of life, can make their own personality progress.Be aware that school is only preparation for a career.This kind of reading is not really reading.If he wants to be a specialist, it is because he wants to take reading as his profession;When you know this kind of reading, but also in a small circle.We do not want, nor are we likely to want, everyone to be a scholar.What I mean by this is that after we have left school, we read in any occupation, in any circumstance. It is a kind of amateur reading that begins as one of the proper activities of a man in the larger circle of life.Necessary, but free.Life needs time to be enjoyable and interesting.There are even many people in the society who are afraid of being human. They find life boring, bored or even painful.For example, when we become teachers, some people think that being a teacher is a necessity, just for making a living, just boring and living side by side.But know: this is not the teacher can not do, but he lost the taste of life.Today I ask: how can we reverse this psychology, make him feel that life is meaningful and valuable?He must first cultivate his taste for life;And this kind of time to cultivate the taste of life, like good reading.The so-called realm, such as this lecture hall, in the village of Tiaojingling, is located in a high and spacious terrain, with mountains behind and sea in front.As at this moment the clear sky, the sea sail far away, or seagulls flying above the blue waves;If you open a window and look into the distance, what you see is a beautiful realm that makes you relaxed and happy.Even when the sun has set, rain has fallen, fog has fogged, there is still a good scene.If the scenery is good, it should be known from the realm;In another realm, this kind of scenery would not be available.Living has a realm, life also has a realm;These two realms are not different.Not those who live in tall buildings and beautiful houses will have a high and good realm of life, but those who live in humble huts and cottages will not.Maybe he lives in a high-rise house, but his life is not good.Perhaps he lives in a cottage, in a bad place, but the world of his life is perfect.Be aware of the existence of the habitat sector.This layer, perhaps for young people, will not be understood, until older, more experience, more reading to understand this.Don’t we always like to be comfortable and happy?When he knows that life has a good high realm, he will be more interesting and feel happy and comfortable.If we hope to reach this realm, we should learn to be a good man;To learn life, they have to read.When it comes to knowledge and life, we should have our own importance.If we sincerely want to be a person, “cultivate interest, improve realm”, just these eight words, can be used for a lifetime;As long as we are willing to read and follow these eight words, we can acquire a new taste and enter a new realm.If you can keep reading and persevere every day in your spare time, you will have cultivated your interest in life and improved your realm of life in ten or twenty years, or even three or five years.That is the greatest happiness and enjoyment of life.Now we live differently from the ancients;But everyone must have a lot of fragmented time, such as: in the morning before breakfast, evening before dark, and as before going to bed;There are three odd hours in a day.Just like a piece of cloth, after cutting a suit of clothes, the spare parts can be used for other purposes.In addition, there are Sundays, which are festivals and holidays;Especially teachers have summer and winter vacations.These can be made full use of as spare time reading.If one hour can be saved every day, there are 3,600 hours in a decade.If a person starts working at the age of 30, by the age of 70, he will have saved 14,400 hours. Isn’t that a huge sum?Now I don’t mean to ask you to bear hardships and study, but to read books for entertainment and relaxation, like shooting sparrows, watching movies, you can’t say there is no time!If we are as interested and accustomed to reading as playing sparrows or watching movies, we can read in any environment and under any circumstances.Isn’t it a good thing to have high enjoyment and good entertainment?Reading as long as there is perseverance, since can develop interest, since can develop into a habit, can improve the realm of life.No amount of money can buy that.