Little Little Fire: Autonomous or selfish?Mia is someone I don’t like

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The Richardsons are invited by the McCullough family to their daughter Mirabel’s birthday party.Linda McCullough had been Mrs. Richardson’s best friend since childhood, and they both came back home after college.Mrs. Richardson had one baby after another, and Linda and Mark McCullough were never heard from.After seven pregnancies and miscarriages, she became desperate (doctors ruled there was no hope of having children because both of them had problems) and decided to adopt a child.But I did not expect that the road to adoption is not smooth, there are always many reasons for two people to be robbed by other adoptive families to adopt the few eligibility.Just when they were desperate, a social worker called them one day, said a baby had been dropped off at the fire station and asked if they wanted it.What a surprise!Now, ten months later, the adoption process is well underway, and Mrs. McCullough told Mrs. Richardson that she and her husband hope to get it done in a month or two.Mrs. Richard is very glad and happy for them, lexie in particular is not put down, hold on to the baby, until the home is still talking about the lovely little Mirabel (Meiling chow).Mia listened as she came in to cook dinner. She remembered her Chinese colleague, Bell, who worked at a Chinese restaurant, talking about abandoning her newborn daughter in front of a fire station a year ago.Because at that time, the child’s father learned that she was pregnant and secretly abandoned her to run back to China is really unable to support, but now Bell is very regretful, ask around but can not find.Mirabelle was found in front of the fire station, a detail that led Mia to confirm that the child was Bell’s.Bell got the news after chasing McCullough home, Linda McCullough’s hiding also indirectly confirmed to Mia and Bell’s suspicion.And so it is.One regrets and wants to take it back, one thinks it’s a gift from God and doesn’t want to return it.A lawsuit arose.The Richardsons were also divided by whom they supported.”They [Linda and Mark McCullough] wanted kids for a long time, and then Mirabel came along, like a miracle.They always planned to adopt and would make great parents.”She peeled off the wrapper, threw it in the trash and went upstairs.Mia in the kitchen was lost in thought.Mia then contacted Bell privately, leading to a lawsuit over the baby.Mia, on a personal level, understands that a mother’s feelings for her child are understandable.Mrs Richardson also understood that Linda’s desire to be a mother stemmed from her relationship with her best friend.But it seems a little unethical that Mia contacted Bell when she overheard Lexie talking about the McCullough baby adoption.In the book, Mia has always been a self-centered halo. She agreed to be a surrogate for Ryan and his wife, only to leave a letter to Ryan and his wife shortly before the due date, saying that the baby accidentally miscarried and secretly left, they have put aside other people’s feelings, which is selfish.Personally, I don’t like the idea of Mia.Pearl’s physiology father Ryan and his wife maria due to normal fertility, both sides body couple want to pass the day after tomorrow a surrogate for the surrogate mother, Mr Ryan eventually find the mia, but also for mia with his wife spirit likeness in appearance, mia is also in tuition, room charge uncertain circumstances is also sign a contract, contract both sides satisfied with each other.Mia eventually develops feelings for her unborn child (blood, after all), or maybe the unexpected death of her brother Warren made her want a blood relative even more?But either way, it would be cruel to lie to keep the Ryans from thinking about their baby.It can be seen that Mia’s idea is to start from herself and no one can stand in the way of her interests.That’s why she induced Izzy to think of a way to get back at Peters, the violin teacher.This kind of abetting method is more disgusting, moreover, Izzy set fire to the Richardson family…But in reality, almost no one knows about the kind of abetting behind it.”I didn’t expect her to do this…”Isn’t that disgusting?”So I went there myself.The bus had to be transferred, so I had to ask the driver where to transfer, get off and walk another mile to their house.Those big houses — everybody drives, nobody wants to take the bus to work.I rang the front doorbell and no one answered, so I found her hiding upstairs looking down. I rang the bell again and again and yelled at her, ‘Mrs. McCullough, it’s me, Baby, I just want to talk to you.’She drew the curtains, but still stayed behind, waiting for me to leave, as if I would leave my children there.”When Bell says these words, he seems to be explaining his hard work for his children, but there’s always a hint of resentment behind the subtext.Bear may have been depressed when he lost his baby, but that doesn’t mean someone else has to pay for your mistakes.Do you love your kids or do you hate losing the case?Opinions differ.Mia has the aura of Mia. The author of the book should advocate such an independent, independent and independent life style of the heroine, who is not attached to anyone (parents, men), and teach women a positive model.But I beg to differ.The real positive energy heroine, first of all, is on the basis of not hurting others.Mia certainly wasn’t.She secretly to listen in on (lake west comment at home and do need not hiding anything, but doesn’t mean she don’t participate in the review can hear to professional ethics?) the information to tell bell, bell does its best to help engage in a lawsuit, caused strong reaction, Mrs Richardson and Revelations of the past, raises the antecedents of pearl.Pearl, it turns out, was also her “stolen” (hadn’t she?) child.”What are you going to do?” she asked Izzy.After hearing izzy’s plan, she casually talked about a negative case that she knew about a child who retaliated against a teacher alone. Then Izzy got the message and perfected her plan, from punishing Peters to retaliating against the whole school.She induced the way to start izzy’s small fire, lit the Fire in the Richardson house, the so-called “ashes can be reborn”.So, high intelligence can have serious consequences if you commit a crime.Does Mrs. Richardson deserve to be bullied by her rebellious children for being old-fashioned, inattentive and not caring for Izzy in the right way?However, who can say that a orderly life is not happiness?Who can say that those who wander the world are bound to be free?Pearl’s heart was warm and happy when she first stepped into the Richardsons’ house. Pearl even thought that this warm happiness was the happiness that Mrs. Richardson pretended to be happy for the arrival of her son Moody’s little guest, but it was the normal situation in the Richardsons’ house.Pearl falls in love with Trip, on the one hand, because of his level of appearance, on the other hand, and even more crucially, because of the stability of the Richardsons’ warm and comfortable life.Remember, Mia said: Sometimes you need to burn everything down so something new can grow, and people are like that, they can start over and always find a way.Izzy’s eyes lit up at this thought, and she struck her first match.Induced, abetted, mia is repulsive, and what she thinks is right?Because her personal story is inspiring?Did she not see pearl’s longing for the richardsons’ safe and happy life?She takes the “stolen” Pearl on the road, goes on her own way, and instigate Izzy to violently (can’t there be a better way) rebel against the family, which is itself a destabilizing factor, black and white in the extremes of right and wrong.In the end, Mia leaves with Pearl, leaving “four pictures” all over the rental house, feeling like she’s trying to win the Richardsons’ children, the boy’s affection and Mrs. Richardson’s guilt, a bit of a “slap in the face and a sweet dates.”Personally, I think this part is deliberately made by the author, perhaps the author is also worried that this person will cause readers to dislike.After all, the main character of a work has to be positive as well as flesh and blood.Most people would think that what they can’t have is the best. Mia just had a different point of view: what she thought was the best, and what everyone else had was wrong.This is the halo given to her by the author, but this halo is too idealized, not human fireworks.To be honest, Mia is too pretentious for my liking.(2022.2.2 punch # “Little Little Fire” day 4) # Temperature of reading # reading # Characters #