Hao Wei selected Liao Lisheng to take over Xu Xin!Shandong Taishan contact Costa?No confirmation yet

2022-06-23 0 By

The new season shandong Taishan multi-line battle, the work is also quietly launched.According to the reporter Wang Xiaorui introduction, Liao Lisheng joined taishan team has been on the board, he will become Hao Wei qin xu new successor.As for foreign aid, Shandong Taishan may also supplement, but did not diego – Costa out of the exact news.After Xu xin moved to Shanghai Seaport, Shandong Taishan is also looking for his replacement.Guangzhou team, Liao Lisheng and the team’s contract expires, is looking for a new employer.According to reporter Wang Xiaorui, shandong Taishan’s offer to Liao lisheng was not particularly generous, in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the Chinese Football Association, but it was Shandong Taishan’s double championship status that finally allowed the club to beat other competitors.As an active national football player, Liao Lisheng still has ambitions.Previously, Liao Lisheng and Shandong Taishan coach Hao Wei also had cooperation in Evergrande, the two are very familiar with, this time to renew the relationship, Hao Wei is also very satisfied.In addition, Shandong Taishan in foreign aid also will not have too big changes, Sun Zhuohao, Fellaini, Moises, Delgado this several champion hero will certainly stay in the team, as for the outstanding performance of Jadesong, Shandong Taishan is trying to buy him out of the hands of portiman.Leonardo will be waived by Shandong Taishan, who have only five months left on moises’ contract, and are likely to make a move for another foreign player.Just guo Tianyu left the team after the vacancy needs to fill, so Shandong Taishan is likely to put this foreign aid quota on the front line.Earlier, it was revealed that former Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa has been approached by a Chinese Super League team, which could be seaport, Taishan, such a top team, or a Chinese super League upstart.However, although the Taishan team has introduced foreign aid striker demand, but according to reporter Wang Xiaorui revealed that Shandong Taishan contact Costa and no exact information.