Finally she was broken heart by him and turned around and threw herself into the arms of others

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There are so many types of network novels, but you book friends fall in love with ancient Chinese novels. How much fate do you think this is?Hahaha!Speaking of which, I believe we can’t wait!So let’s get to the subject together!Today xiaobian to introduce “emperor little private pet sweet wife” finally she was hurt by him, turned into the arms of others first: “Emperor little private pet sweet wife” main line: “Emperor little private pet sweet wife” finally she was hurt by him, turned into the arms of others wonderful content: Shi Ying……Sheng Yu thought, this name is pretty good, if later get married, he can call her yinger.At this thought, the famous face of the iceberg was softened.Secretary Ming secretly observed his look, there are a lot of a lot of doubts in the heart.Continue to look at the reputation, according to the information, Shi Ying is a senior student of Lansall Business School, just celebrated her 20th birthday yesterday, family members, personality and hobbies, love history…There was a touch in the man’s heart, and the picture of last night came to mind again.It was her birthday yesterday.The secretary of the Ming is suspicious however, sheng elder brother always see a woman then feel disgusting, today actually let him investigate a woman, and is not a partner, also let him focus on investigating the emotional history of the family??This simply refreshed siming to president adult all cognition.When Sheng Yu saw that shi ying’s relationship history column was blank, he was somehow happy.Looking at him gradually become soft appearance, the secretary of the Ming did not refrain from asking, “sheng elder brother, she is……”Sheng Yu put the papers in the drawer and told him with some satisfaction, “The future Mrs. Sheng!”(Click below to read for free) The second book: “President love: Wife really tough” wonderful content: “Di di di” at 6:30 in the morning, Zhenyu’s physiological clock rang on time, Zhenyu hurried out of bed, rushed into the toilet to take care of themselves, rushed out of the house.Open the door, Jane language did not find what is unusual in front of his home, went out.Yi?Why is it so weird today? Why is the floor so soft?Jane language doubt looked down, don’t see don’t know, a look startled, his home in front of what time many such a “Rag Doll” ah?It’s quite big…”Who has no conscience!Litter about!Still throw to my home, really have no quality have no morals…”While She was swearing, suddenly, a face appeared in front of her…”Wow!!There is a ghost !!!!.Jane language scared to shut the door.”Shout ~ good I run fast, otherwise the consequence dare not imagine!”Jane language is still congratulating himself on his speed.Shuo Xi knocked on the door angrily and cursed: “You are a dead woman!You got bean shit in your eyes or something?I can’t even see a man my age lying here!And call me trash?!Come out!”It’s so annoying to be called garbage after being stepped on for no reason?!Have you ever seen such a handsome piece of garbage?Is really “scholar can kill, can not disgrace” ah!Yi?Why does this ghost sound so familiar?As if…That boy from yesterday?!Jane slowly opened the door, put his head out, eyes from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and finally focus on the face of this ghost.The expression of fear on Jane’s face ran out of sight and was replaced by anger!(Click below to read for free) the third book: “Happy marriage of Rebirth” highlights: “Han Good old man.I heard from Fu Lin that you need some herbal medicine. Is it urgent?If I’m not in a hurry, can I come back tomorrow after I go downtown and finish my exam?”Han Old man heard lu ran to the city exam immediately came to the interest.”Is it the exchange exam?””Yes, you know that, han?It is to exchange with key high schools in J City.Han Lao was delighted when he heard Lu Ran’s words.”That affection is good, at the right moment I and fu home boy are in J city, tomorrow finish test you have a holiday?Just as we grandpa sun sa go to J city together, you a little girl to go by yourself is not safe.”Lu ran to hear han Lao’s words some embarrassed.”This has not taken an exam, can not be sure to go?””Lu jia girl, I am a good judge of people. You are sure to be good at it.””So you say yes?I can borrow your good old advice.””I promised, herbal medicine I am not in a hurry to use, you test don’t have pressure, normal play.”Han Lao looked at this energetic little girl is really more see more like.In order to thank the two old people, but also to let Aunt Chen rest, spontaneous to the kitchen to prepare meals, meals just on the table han Lao smelled the fragrance.(Click below to read for free) Finally she was broken heart by him, turned around and threw into the arms of others. I don’t know that xiaobian today’s book list, whether to let you book friends heart?If you have a better novel, please share with us!Don’t forget to leave your lovely footprints in the comments section!