Why envy China’s high-speed rail when the US has more than 20,000 airports?Three reasons or Revelations

2022-06-22 0 By

As we all know, with the efforts of generations of Chinese “craftsmen”, China has finally become one of the world’s leading industrial powers after several decades.At the same time, a “China famous brand” has also become a strong backing of China based on the international trade market.When it comes to “China’s famous brands”, you must think of China’s high-speed railways, which have developed rapidly in recent years and are even the envy of the Western world.Many netizens also raised a question: “Why should the United States envy high-speed rail countries when it has more than 20,000 airports?”To understand this problem, you need to understand why the United States has so many airports and can’t even build a decent bullet train.In fact, there are two reasons why there are so many airports in the United States. First, there are very few people in the middle of the Country.Second, the American aviation industry started early, so practice makes perfect for airline operation. In contrast, with a mature business model, capitalists are unwilling to invest money in areas they are not good at, and they cannot show their value.Given these two reasons, why should the US envy China’s high-speed trains when it is better to fly every time you travel?In fact, the reason is very simple, and the following three points may solve the puzzle. First, airplanes are not as convenient as high-speed trains.First of all, the airport is far from the city center, and secondly, due to the influence of weather and other reasons, although each air journey takes a short time, the waiting time is too long, which makes it less economical and efficient than high-speed rail.Besides, it also needs to include the fare to the destination after getting off the plane, which is not convenient in comprehensive consideration.Second: It’s not that the US doesn’t want to build high-speed rail, it’s that it can’t.This is also a characteristic of capitalist countries. The land is basically in the hands of capitalists, who do not care about how much opportunity the construction of high-speed rail can bring to the city, but how much benefit it can bring to themselves.So acquiring land in The United States, let alone building high-speed rail, is extremely difficult. Roads between American cities are largely the product of the last century, and repairing potholes is hard.In addition to these two points, Americans may prefer high-speed rail to drive urban development.As can be seen from China’s successful cases, high-speed rail is undoubtedly a “sharp tool” to promote the development of inter-city and regions along the route. In comparison, airports are purely point-to-point facilities with little influence on economic development and other fields.So this is the main reason why the core cities of countries like the US are doing very well, but the remote cities are lagging behind.(Article/Xuan Tsai)