The 30th “Spring of Science and Technology” publicity month series activities were held in Jingbian County

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On the occasion of the 30th “Spring of Science and Technology” publicity month in Jingbian County, in order to enable students of Grade 3 to review sprint and meet the high school entrance examination with a more positive attitude, a fuller state and a more scientific method, March 14th,Mr. Wang Xilin, “Inheritor of the Spirit of moving west” in Shaanxi Province, the seventh moral model of Yulin City and the first “Good Man in Yulin”, gave a psychological counseling lecture for the students of two classes of grade 9 in Jingbian No. 2 Middle School.Mr. Wang aimed at the problems and confusion faced by the students in grade three, mainly from the mentality, goal, attitude of the three aspects of pre-examination counseling, through a vivid example, to share the method of alleviating pressure, to help students face up to psychological pressure and pre-examination anxiety, to establish a positive attitude.”Behind every outstanding achievement is a busy morning and evening, I hope the students down-to-earth to sow new hope, to breed new dreams, to write a new brilliant.Youth without regrets, sweat as proof, Mr. Wang encouraged students to seize the golden time before the exam, grasp every second of life, develop methods and goals, and strive to prepare for the mid-term exam, live up to the youth.The lecture site, the students listened attentively, this wonderful pre-exam psychological counseling lecture like a timely rain in the hearts of every student, to help them relieve anxiety, firm confidence.I believe that through Mr. Wang’s wonderful teaching, students can adjust their learning status as soon as possible, to the best state to meet the upcoming high school entrance examination, more calmly play the best level, admitted to the ideal high school, realize the dream of youth.Ms. Wang Xilin has been engaged in education for more than 60 years since 1961. After her retirement in 2005, she was successively employed as a mental health teacher by Jingbian Vocational Education Center, Yan ‘an University and Jingbian Middle School, as well as a Silver Age Psychological teacher in Shaanxi Province.After retirement, he insisted on giving more than 1,000 special lectures for various schools, and opened psychological counseling rooms for parents and students in Jingbian Middle School, Jingbian No. 2 Middle School, Tongwan Road community and at home.On October 30, 2021, Wang Xilin was named “Inheritor of Westward Migration Spirit” by provincial Association for Science and Technology.In this “Spring of Science and Technology” publicity month, Teacher Wang Xilin went to schools to give inspirational education lectures for teenagers, and tried to pass on the “spirit of moving west” in Jingbian from generation to generation.Author: Wang Jiaojiao reporter Zhang Xu