Sun Yingsha on travel essential luggage, netizen: Finally know her full power reason

2022-06-22 0 By

Sun Yingsha Hebei team coach Yang Guangdi talked about one of her characteristics in the interview, that is the most like to eat and play, as for other aspects is simply a little confused, because usually special love to forget things, even take the fire station location sometimes can not remember.Although such an image is very cute, BUT I think there are some important things sasa will not forget, so what is the most important thing for Sun Yingsha?In an interview, a reporter asked Sasha what kind of luggage she usually travels with.She didn’t hesitate reply said: “strips”, because this thing important for her, she is the necessary baggage, answer as to why she said: “because usually need to carry the camera to record the game live, also need a computer video game back and forth, so she need carry with power supply equipment, through the video to find my own shortcomings and the direction.After seeing Sasha’s answer, many netizens joked that they now know why she is so electric.Although the netizen’s expression is very funny, but we also not difficult to find, just like Yang Guangdi’s guidance said, she really loves table tennis, because she must be equipped for their continued rise.Speaking of this, people can not help but think of the words that Li Yang said when Zhang Yining got married. His general idea was that he felt very distressed for Zhang Yining, because in the flower age of a girl, she devoted all to table tennis, did not have a beautiful childhood like other girls, and did not talk about a vigorous love.In fact, not only Zhang Yining, I think Sun Yingsha also had the same growth experience, but I think they should be happy, because what they pursue is not a happy childhood and a vigorous love, but a continuous struggle for their dreams.A purposeful life is full, a passionate life is happy!Hope sasa as soon as possible to achieve their wishes, I believe that your painstaking will not be disappointed!