Shaanxi coal industry out of green intelligent development road

2022-06-22 0 By

Facing the opportunity of global energy challenge in the new period, as a provincial super large coal enterprises designated by the state and the development of two main body of large coal base of shaanxi, shanxi coal co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as shaanxi coal) actively embrace “double carbon” era, in intelligent building, carbon neutral in the mining area, explore a new way of ecological priority, green intelligent development.”Energy conservation, environmental protection and production safety should not be omitted!”Shaanxi coal industry insists on putting both in the same important position, and actively promotes the whole life cycle of coal resources to realize safe green development, clean and low-carbon utilization.The promotion and application of a series of advanced technologies, such as coal pillar free mining, water conservation mining, gangue filling mining, coal and gas co-mining, have laid a foundation for realizing the strategic goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality of enterprises.Taking the construction of pubai Jianzhuang Mining Demonstration geothermal energy mining area as an example, using “heat transfer” technology and shallow “ground source heat pump” technology, geothermal energy heating replaces natural gas boiler heating, realizing “zero carbonization” of district heating, saving 2575 tons of standard coal and reducing 6316 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent every year.In recent years, shaanxi coal industry has continuously created a new situation of energy conservation and emission reduction and efficient utilization of resources through the application of various energy-saving technologies.Coal is leading the energy supply and carbon emission reduction, how to balance?Shaanxi coal industry takes the initiative to fulfill its responsibilities as a state-owned enterprise, actively release high-quality production capacity, go all out to stabilize production and ensure supply, and walk out of a green low-carbon intelligent transformation road.Data show that shaanxi coal industry in 2021 raw coal production energy consumption decreased by 6% compared with 2020, has built 47 intelligent coal mining face, intelligent capacity accounted for 97% of the total capacity;Four categories of 50 sets of rapid mining systems have been built, and all mine production auxiliary systems have been fully intelligent.Five categories of robots and intelligent platforms accelerate the application.It can be said that Shaanxi coal industry has accelerated technological iteration and upgrading in the application, basically realizing “someone patrol, unattended”, which has improved the level of safe, intelligent and precise mining from the production source and greatly promoted intelligent and green mining in the coal industry.In recent years, Shaanxi coal industry actively layout ecological industry, has formulated the “mine geological environment protection and land Reclamation master Plan” and so on, constantly improve the mine geological environment background and mine ecological life cycle management system.In recent years, shaanxi coal industry has built 27 green mines, including 11 state-level green mines.It is expected that by the end of 2022, the green mine occupancy rate will reach 80%, with state-level green mines accounting for 50%.A number of national soil and water conservation science and technology demonstration parks and ecological restoration industry innovation demonstration parks have been established by using the policies of gangue mountain ecological restoration and desert control.”We will continue to give priority to ecological conservation and green development, embrace the opportunity of ‘double carbon’ development with our original aspiration and mission, build a world-class green energy enterprise that is clean, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient, and strive to be the pacesetter of green, low-carbon and high-quality development in the coal industry.”Shaanxi coal industry related person in charge said.Reporter Wang Hejun