Scenic spot weather forecast of Yunnan province in the next 24 hours

2022-06-22 0 By

Jinning Zhenghe Park, light rain, 6~12 degrees Xishuangbanna Wangtianshu Scenic Spot, fine to light rain, 12~30 degrees Nujiang Grand Canyon, light rain to moderate rain, 12~17 degrees Ningerna Keli Tea Horse ancient Road, cloudy to light rain, 6~22 degrees Zhaotong Yiliang Xiaocao Dam, light rain, -2~4 degrees Guandu Ancient Town, light rain,5~12 degrees Lijiang Ancient City, sleet to light rain, -3~10 degrees Tengchong Volcanic hot sea, cloudy to light rain, 4~13 degrees Dongchuan Red earth, light rain, 5~13 degrees Pudacuo National Park, light snow, -5~1 degrees Yuxi Yingyuetan Hot Spring, light rain, 5~13 degrees Kunming Golden Temple Scenic Area, light rain,5~12 degrees Dali ancient town, cloudy to light rain, 2~9 degrees Chu Xiong Yi ancient town, light rain, 5~13 degrees Shilin Wanwanhuan Blueberry Manor, moderate rain, 6~10 degrees