Famous note: Both Arsenal strikers are talking about leaving!Keown: Arteta can’t always fall out with players

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Egypt beat Cameroon in a penalty shootout to reach the Africa Cup of Nations final, with El Neny picking up a yellow card after playing 86 minutes.Congratulations to Elneny, now that you have reached the final, let’s try to get a title!Egypt have a very strong combination and with Salah up front there are endless possibilities.Pepe is back training and Thomas is probably ready for the second half of the season.Balogun started for Middlesbrough in the 1-1 FA Cup tie against Manchester United, but was substituted in the 61st minute as middlesbrough eliminated united on penalties.I didn’t expect middlesbrough to pull off an upset, but it’s not necessarily a good thing for Arsenal, as Manchester United have one less game to play and one more point to contend for four in the second half of the season.As for Balogun, to be honest, his performance was mediocre and he didn’t feel very positive, he walked a lot and as a young player he has to increase his involvement in the game.The problem with Balogun is that he is in a transition period between youth and first team football and a lot of habits and mindsets have to change before he can take the next step.At present, balogun will not be able to establish himself at Arsenal next season, even if lacazette and Nketia leave this summer. Maybe he should continue to work out on loan.Avi, Salah Edin and Hutchinson scored as Arsenal U23 beat Chelsea 3-1 in a reserve game.Arsenal U23 have played three games against Chelsea this season, with Arsenal winning 6-1 Chelsea, 4-1 Chelsea and 3-1 Chelsea.Starting: Grazique, Walters, Kirk, Avi, Ogombo, Swanson, Azeez, Henry Francis, Salah Edin, Hutchinson, Bres (captain) all scored great goals, especially from Salah and Hutchinson.Salah’s goal came after a marseille turn from outside the penalty area, where he broke free of defenders and fired low.Hutchinson’s goal was even better as he used technique to make a run of runs from the wing and scored from long range. Robben’s goal!These boys have a good chance of making the first team.For the second month in a row, Martinelli has been voted Arsenal’s Player of the month for January.Martinelli received more than 41 percent of the fan vote, followed by Edgard and Ben White.Congratulations to Martin jr. His growth and performance since getting his first start again has been amazing, and despite Arsenal’s disastrous January season, it’s a relief to see Martin play well.I think the performance was underrated, he’s definitely getting into the rhythm of the premier League, I’d love to see Arsenal buy a top striker next season and see how He cooks him up…Ben White is also good, but White needs to work on consistency, especially in the backcourt and not make any unaccountable turnovers.Lacazette said goodbye to Aubameyang on Instagram, writing: “Thank you for the last 4 years, my experience at Arsenal would not have been the same without you…Good luck in your next chapter!Hope to see you soon!”The relationship between Obama and Raka is genuine. The two really hit it off, from the cooperation on the court, the celebration, the contact on and off the court, so Raka’s blessing is definitely sincere.Sacca also said goodbye to Obama.Saca tweeted goodbye to Aubameyang, writing: thank you for everything @Aubameyang Legend (Crown) Of course there are other players saying goodbye to Aubameyang, not to mention one.He is popular in the dressing room, especially with young people. Martinelli said he was flattered when He invited him to dinner in a restaurant when he first joined.Not to mention Saka, who was given pepper’s nickname (and necklace) by Obama, and with whom he is very close.All in all, best wishes to Oba, and I hope this situation will happen less in the future, players always leave the team, it is harmful to the reputation of a club.Arsenal star Frank Keown has told Mikel Arteta to stop falling out with his stars.”I don’t want to see a manager build a reputation for falling out with his own players,” keown said. “I can’t think of another famous manager falling out with so many of his own players.Some fans might say that arteta’s stance is that if you cross the line then you will be punished, but maybe that doesn’t apply to Xhaka, how many times has xhaka crossed the line and gone straight back into the squad every time.So the point of this iron-fisted management policy is to create a club culture?Or arteta can look at something and think, ‘I don’t want this, you’re out.'” Objectively speaking, it’s not arteta’s problem that some players have been dropped, such as the top 10, guerndoz and Aubameyang. These three have their own problems, but as a coach, Arteta is more forceful than soft.Of course, it is ok to establish a club culture, and I also support running an army with an iron hand, but it is still necessary to distinguish between personal interests and the interests of the club, some things are not necessary to do absolutely.Whether it is arteta’s problem or not, it is true, as Keown says, that not many top managers fall out with their stars regularly, and that too many players have failed to make it at Arsenal in recent years, and in the long run it is damaging to Arsenal’s reputation.In fact, under the official announcement of Obama’s departure, many fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the club’s handling of the whole issue.Anyway, I did it now, so I can guarantee my grades at least.Asked on talkSPORT why he could not play for the Gunners when there were only 18 in the first team, Wilshere said: “Because the manager didn’t want to play me.On Aubameyang, asked if the striker was popular in the squad, Wilshere said: “Yes, he’s a top guy.”Q: Did Aubameyang and Arteta fall out?”Apparently,” said the Englishman.Although Wilshere may have been telling the truth, arteta, who has always valued the discipline of the team, clearly does not like it being talked about in the media, which makes it more unlikely that Wilshere will return to Arsenal.Of course we don’t know what level he is at and there are no other teams to sign him, so maybe Wilshere’s level won’t help us at the moment because he hasn’t played for so long and he’s semi-retired.London football reporter CWY has revealed lacazette is in pre-contract talks with Lyon, with the striker set to leave Arsenal at the end of his contract this summer.Lacazette, 30, has less than five months to run on his current contract and reports suggest the striker is in talks with a number of European clubs, with Lyon the favourites to sign the Frenchman free and president Jean-Michel Aulas has confirmed himself they are trying to sign him.CWY, on the other hand, it is pointed out that Kitty is also in talks with many clubs, prevented the striker to leave Arsenal in January, because arteta on the frontline lack of choice, but it seems English is likely to say goodbye to north London, in the Summer Palace and Brighton is interested in well Katie and, bayer leverkusen and focusing on the development of the situation.Balogun is set to return from loan, but Arsenal are expected to buy a striker with a more impressive resume in the summer.It is now clear that with raka and Nkai almost certain to leave in the summer, Arsenal will buy a new striker and one may not be enough…It is now up to raka and Nkai to do well in the second half of the season, which will directly affect the team’s results and arteta’s fate.