Electric bicycles “drive” into the broadcast room, professionals give “pothole avoidance” guide

2022-06-22 0 By

Today (March 31) morning, Changping District Rong Media center and Changping District Market supervision Bureau, Changping traffic detachment jointly carried out the “electric bicycle, the correct use of safety on the road” network live activities, to help citizens understand the correct purchase and use of electric bicycles.”Hello, friends of the Beijing Changping live broadcast room!Welcome to the live event of ‘Electric Bicycle, Safe Road with Proper Use’…”At 10 a.m., the live broadcast officially began at an e-bike sales store in Changping District.District market supervision bureau product section deputy section chief Zhang Juan explained in the daily use of electric bicycles may appear in the process of problems, guide everyone how to correctly choose and use electric bicycles, and answered the questions raised by netizens.”Before consumers buy electric bicycles, they should pay attention to check whether the business has the relevant license to sell the brand, whether the publicity of brand party authorization information, whether it has a stable operating state and high credibility.In order to enhance people’s recognition of ‘good reputation, good service and trustworthy’ businesses, the district Market Supervision Bureau has posted a yellow card warning in the prominent position of shops for the subject of frequent complaints. If the merchants with ‘yellow cards’ are posted, people must be careful to consume.”Zhang Juan prompt way.The manager of the e-bike sales store participating in the live broadcast said, “As a dealer, our store resolutely does not privately modify or assemble the voltage, circuit and battery of the electric bike, and does the honest operation and standardized operation, and is responsible for the life and safety of consumers.”In addition, Changping traffic detachment Majikou brigade traffic police Tao Zhong combined with registration registration, to the user popularization of electric bicycle registration registration model standards and the need to prepare materials and other knowledge, improve the user awareness of the electric vehicle registration rate.This live broadcast gave full play to the extensive publicity role of rong media platform, which is conducive to guiding the general public to improve the awareness of safe consumption and forming a good atmosphere of “everyone pays attention to quality and safety, everyone participates in quality and safety, and everyone supervises quality and safety”.By Shang Ying photo by Shang Ying Song Yang