The United States spends a lot of money to recruit spies to find out the PLA’s “weaknesses”, a crisis in the United States is approaching

2022-06-21 0 By

And make things?The United States spent heavily on recruiting spies, but also want to figure out the “weakness” of the People’s Liberation Army, belligerent, an unprecedented crisis is gradually approaching the United States.On January 25,, Hong Kong media reported that the US Congress recently invited bidders to compile a report for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which covers recruitment of personnel in the People’s Liberation Army.It is required to analyze the differences between the qualities of various armies of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, the lack of recruitment work of the People’s Liberation Army, and the education survey reports of various armies of the People’s Liberation Army.In response, the U.S. Congress freely admitted that it wanted to understand the characteristics of the PLA and its influence on the United States.Frankly speaking, it is not hard to understand why the US Congress wants to do this, as the Chinese military has shown the potential of being one of the world’s top armed forces since the liberation War.During the War of Liberation, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA), though outgunned in armament, developed extremely advanced tactical ideas for cross-cutting in China, far outperforming the much-maligned American army in World War II.And in the fight against the United States aid north, the volunteer army not only beat the equipment far ahead of the United States army, in military discipline more performance out of the human side, although the volunteer army in the cold battle, the same heavy loss, but it is the only one in all the parties at that time without any abuse captured record of the party, widely praised.Decades have passed, and the PLA’s power has not diminished. Especially in the galwan Valley conflict in 2020, the PLA consciously controlled the scale and intensity of the battle in the face of the Indian army’s provocations, thus preventing the china-India border conflict from worsening.In addition, the PLA Navy is now taking back the decades-old strategic advantage held by the United States in the Taiwan Strait step by step. All this shows that the PLA is far ahead of the United States not only in tactical thinking, but also in military management and discipline.Such an “iron army” would not scare the U.S. military, which had been badly beaten in Korea by the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, which the U.S. government knew was probably the most powerful force it had ever faced.That’s why they try their best to find the PLA’s “weak spots”.However, some military observers pointed out that the US move may have been suspected of recruiting spies against the PLA.It is clear that the US has gone to great lengths to counter the PLA, but we are not surprised.After all, the United States has always failed to achieve its goal by hook or by crook, recruiting a few spies, can only be regarded as the “basic exercise” of the United States.It is worth noting that at present, no matter how much money the US spends, it is unlikely to achieve the desired results.Not to mention whether the PLA has any so-called “weaknesses”, but more importantly, we are curious whether the US has enough time to study the PLA’s “weaknesses”.Just on January 24, the proud aircraft carrier of the United States suddenly had an accident in which the carrier crashed heavily into the deck of the carrier.Aircraft carrier is one of the most important equipment of the US military. Even if the aircraft carrier has problems, coupled with various problems at home and abroad, an unprecedented crisis may be quietly approaching the US.Some experts even pointed out that civil war is likely in the future.Under such circumstances, the US still wants to study the weakness of the PLA and fight it?All we can say is that we should solve our own problems before we think about others, lest we should regret at that time.