Public institutions administrative professional ability test language comprehension: choose the title, two key points to pay attention to

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The headline is the headline of the article.The title of all kinds of articles, various styles, but no matter what form, always reflect the author’s writing intention, the theme and core of the article in all or different aspects.Although the topic is not the same as our common topic, in fact, there are similarities and similarities between the two.First, the title is the title, is able to summarize the full text, concise and concise reflect the main content of the paragraph, so it must reflect the theme.The value of love is determined by the way in which it is loved.Love is not giving but receiving;To be loved is not to receive, to be loved is to give.Without acceptance, it is not love, no matter how much you give.Many people are simple, one-sided think, love is to give, as long as the sincere pay, pay without reservation, on the proof of love — in fact, this is wrong.True love must be accepted, otherwise it can only be regarded as a gesture of kindness, an attempt to gain favor.If giving were love, would not all the world be in chaos? Would not all men falsely use coercion and coercion in the name of love?A. To love is to be loved B. The value of Love C. To love is to be Accepted D.Love is accepting C.Love is not to be given, but to be received. Love is not to be accepted, but not to be loved.[A] To love is to be loved. [B] To love is to be loved. [D] to love is to receive.C.From the passage, we can see that the title must reflect the main content of the paragraph, and at the same time, the expression must be accurate.Second, vivid expression can make the title full of pictures, more can cause the interest of readers.Jing Ke, that “wind rustling xi yi shui cold, a strong man to xi no longer return” warriors, in the history of our country is a unique cultural symbol.However, in mobile games, “Jing ke” has become the name of the assassin family for generations;Liu Bei became the godfather of the gang, armed with a rifle and wearing a windbreaker.In mobile games, historical figures that people have known for thousands of years become completely different.It is easy to confuse children who lack knowledge of history. History here is really a girl who can be dressed up at will.A. Mobile games also need to respect history B. Mobile games should not “play” history C.[D] history should not be over-consumed by mobile games.Article paragraph through enumerating “Jing Ke” “Liu Bei” and other historical figures and historical events were changed beyond recognition in the mobile game examples, stressed that this phenomenon is easy to lack of historical knowledge of children to bring confusion, aimed at explaining that history should not be mobile game tamper with, distortion, so the paragraph of the inscription is “mobile game”.C) Mobile gamesD) Mobile games distort history.Items with A “need to respect history”, compared to plain description of item B “shouldn’t” game “history” is more clear and vivid expression, the “game” is A word, can not only embody the characteristics of the game itself, and express his hands to swim, though is A game, but also want to stick to the bottom line on historical issues, the meaning of responsibility, as the title is more vivid, more appropriate.B.As we can see from the passage above, a good title must reflect the main content of the passage, that is, accord with the main idea of the passage.On this basis, a lively and interesting headline with strong appeal will do better.