Pick up “God of Gamblers” to Chinese New Year, a skill in the body eat and drink not worry

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It will be Chinese New Year soon, it is hard to avoid playing under the field!Now all speak to learn to put into practice, the secret book that does not practice for a long time, please come out from the bottom of the box take a look.This secret book, born in the 1970s, can be said to be known by everyone.God of Gamblers!At that time, Hong Kong film and television industry was at its most prosperous.Out of a lot of well-known figures, such as the drama of Chow Run-fat, Andy Lau, Wang Zu-yin, etc., are in this column!Today the “God of gamblers” please come over, it is not easy, I hope the students listen well, learn a trick and a half, although we can not guarantee to become god of gamblers, but must be able to help you out of the ordinary, surprised four cards!Don’t listen to people say that small gambling is fun, to lose, no matter how small gambling, can make you feel very unhappy.The typical winner doesn’t understand the pain of a loser.Of course, if you want to deceive someone else’s daughter, deliberately lose to the mother-in-law, gambling god can also teach you lose not to reveal flaws!You know, how to lose money at the poker table is more difficult than how to win it!Of course, need a certain section of the person, to understand this truth!The legend of Gamblers is divided into three phases.The first stage is the highlight.At that time, gamblers were already successful and famous.Enter at that time with high status and paragraph, already not easy to move.Is that high enter specific what status and paragraph?In the English test, he is the best in TEM-8.As far as piano goes, he’s top of the pro 10.In terms of fitter title, he is the leader of the twelve.Fight with Japanese yakuza celebrities to get a glimpse of gamblers.Especially when the dice roll is smaller, it turns out you can do that.Just shake one of them to pieces.God’s skill!Miraculous!Phase two — there was a bang, and the gambler fell, and then he lost his memory, so much of it.Although a lot of things have forgotten, but superb card skills are still in.I guess learning what’s in your head is always yours.What is engraved on the outside of the mind is mostly outside the body. It is hard to say whether it is yours or not.In the amnesia of this period of time, high into not idle.Follow dao Zi (Andy Lau) and Jane (Joey Wong) everywhere, the casino has become their ATM.Dao Zai’s wardrobe is slowly prepared, joyriding car is also bought;And Jane’s wedding gift money, it is estimated to save about the same.Listen to people, listen to the full meal!With a professional skill, you don’t worry about eating and drinking!Third stage bang, gao Jin fell down again.The previous fall caused amnesia;The fall brought the memory back.This bridge play, turn the scene is not obvious mountain dew, that is a natural.King return, of course, or to resume business!I’ll see you at the poker table!With Singapore “gambling god” Chan Kam Cheng this showdown!Bullshit! I got a stubble!God touches God, but god also divides boundaries.For example, in the snow, there are four mirror worlds, which are diamond mirror, finger mirror, sky mirror and land fairy mirror.The territory of Chenjincheng is unclear and has no evidence to check.But there is no doubt that Gao Jin is a land god fairyland, the peak!Eventually superior, Chen Jincheng picked off the horse.Incidentally borrow Chen Jincheng gun, killed his betrayal of Gao Yi;And sent Chen Jincheng to prison for retirement.You have to count slowly.Gamblers of this skill, this means, worth reviewing the new.It wasn’t popular to talk about a cool show at the time, but this was definitely a cool show!