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Qilu network · Lightning news February 6 – “fire no. 1, 37021, 54 square area patrol work is normal, now as planned to Laoshan direction.””37021,1 Roger. Continue mission.”During the Spring Festival, familiar “figures” flit over the city, and the roar of propellers cuts through the tranquility of the city.This scene, Qingdao citizens have been familiar with, because they know who is coming.This flying team is Qingdao fire rescue detachment aviation rescue brigade.Qingdao high-rise, mountain city interdependent, forest fire prevention and high-rise rescue task is extremely heavy.To this end, in 2018, Qingdao fire detachment purchased two fire helicopters, set up the only urban fire aviation rescue team in China.In the past three years, the two firefighting helicopters have flown a total of more than 1200 hours and 314 times, participating in forest fires, urban fire disposal, oil spill investigation, prolifera moss patrol and other flight tasks.During the Spring Festival this year, the air rescue brigade 24-hour standby, in the original set of Laoshan, Daze Mountain, Xiaozhushan three cruise routes based on the addition of urban residential areas gathered in the area of patrol routes, while increasing the frequency of patrol.Two helicopters, 27 members of the team, this Spring Festival full time standby, listen to the order and move, in the air to guard the lights of thousands of families.Flash news reporter Qian Yunfei jia Fangzheng report