Edible wild vegetables should pay attention not to “poisonous grass” when vegetables to eat

2022-06-21 0 By

Spring is coming, many people will pick some wild vegetables in the field when they go out to play.However, if people do not know enough about wild vegetables, they may mistakenly eat poisonous plants.Qingming small long holiday is approaching, as one of the outing activities, some people will conveniently see the roadside wild vegetables home.Bitter vegetables, dandelion, fern, purslane, root of these wild vegetables by many people’s love.Citizens told reporters that when they pick wild vegetables, often picking are obvious characteristics, more familiar with wild vegetables.But there are also citizens who accidentally eat poisonous grass poisoning.The expert reminds, some poisonous grass and wild vegetable look like, below the circumstance that does not have full assurance to be able to distinguish, the proposal does not pick at will.Source: CCTV.com