What does it mean when a guest taps the table for serving tea in the first month?After reading the knowledge

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“Grandpa, you hand back, don’t burn”;”Old classmate, don’t be polite, drink a bowl of tea first, while we don’t get drunk don’t return”!Have you ever noticed that during the lunar New Year, whether entertaining guests at home or going out for a party, people of all ages will knock the table with their hands to thank each other when they add tea to each other?However, careful friends should have found it, that is, when the elders knock on the table with their hands, they often point with their index fingers, while we pour tea for the younger generation, the gesture of knocking on the table is different!As we all know, China is the first country to discover and use tea, and tea culture has a long history of more than 4000 years!And tapping the table with one’s hands is actually the tapping of fingers at tea!So, the old in today and everyone talk about, tea knock finger ceremony!What is finger tapping?As the name suggests, tapping refers to the guest’s finger tapping on the table as a return gift while the host is serving tea. This is called tapping!However, different generations of people, the practice of tapping finger salute is different!When the elder brings us more tea, as a junior, we knock the elder with five fingers together in a fist shape, fist heart down, and tap the table three times with five fingers.Five fingers hold into a fist to knock on the table, take the meaning of the first elders line kneel salute, expressed respect for the elders.When the equals pour tea and water, just tap the table three times with the index and middle fingers together.Peers do so, take meaning hands clasped hands bowing to the meaning.If it is the younger generation to pour tea to the elder, as the elder only need to use the index finger continuously on the table once, take the meaning of nodding.If you like the younger person who pours tea, you can tap the table three times.Tip: “finger” means “hand”, and “hand” has the same pronunciation with “first”. The tapping ceremony of tea tea is derived from the bowing ceremony, which expresses the host of adding tea to show solemn thanks!The above is the Chinese New Year, whether we as the host to the guest to add tea, or as a guest by the other tea, to know the knock refers to ritual!During the Spring Festival, many friends think that when pouring tea for guests, it is to show their utmost sincerity.Little do they know, self-defeating!As the old saying goes: tea is deceiving!You know, tea is very hot, if you add too full, will be hot to the guests, so remember, tea full deception!Many friends are more casual when they add tea. In fact, it is easy to offend people, or be regarded as unpolite.Remember to add tea before guests, that is, pour tea to guests first, and then give yourself;Secondly, we should first honor and then humble, that is, we should first give the elders, generally the elders on the banquet, and then add tea to the younger generation of the younger people.Don’t frown when drinking tea, it will be mistaken by the host that you dislike the tea is not good!You should know that every family has different conditions, and the tea prepared is also different. No matter you are visiting relatives or friends for a party, don’t frown because the tea doesn’t suit your taste, which will create a “show-off” image for yourself virtually.We often say that the more emotional intelligence a person has, the more friends they have!During the Chinese New Year, you come and I go, there are often guests sitting down in the home for a while, and to the situation of new guests!Many friends think that we are all relatives, or very good friends, after sitting down directly to the guests to serve old tea.Remember that!As long as it is a new guest, after sitting down must remember to change the new tea, so as to let the new guest feel that you are valuing each other!If you use old tea, even if you just brewed it, it’s not ok because the other person doesn’t know about it.Besides, for new tea to the first guests will secretly kua you will handle affairs!The most avoid tea colorless no matter what tea, there is a limit to the number of brewing!Remember not to, a pot of tea to the end, drink to the end not even brown!Because, be equal to host so to guest cold, can let a guest feel not be taken seriously.So, remember not to let your impression become worse because of a pot of tea, the gain outweighs the loss!It is said that drinking tea cultivates one’s morality and promotes one’s character. It is said that Chinese tea culture is extensive and profound.In fact, the old feel, their tea follow one’s inclinations!But drinking tea with others is not tea, but human wisdom!It’s the New Year, so don’t make any jokes about drinking tea!The above is the content to share with you today, I hope to help you!If you know anything else about tea etiquette, feel free to share in the comments section.Finally, thank you for watching, thank you!