The two commanders of the eighth column of the Northeast Field Army were a general and a temporary major general

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Of the four major field armies, there is no doubt that the Northeast Field Army is the most capable and powerful.The Northeast Field Army had at most twelve columns.The column commander was not a general, or at least a lieutenant general.But there are also columns whose commanders are major-generals.Like the eighth Column.The eighth Column was originally adapted from the eighth Route Army, which was active in hebei, Hebei and Liaoning.During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, this area was subordinate to the Shanxi Chahar Hebei Military Region and was assigned to the Northeast Democratic Coalition during the War of Liberation.After being reorganized into the eighth Column, Hwang Yongsheng served as the commander.Huang Yongsheng, a native of Xianning, Hubei province, participated in the autumn harvest uprising. During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, he fought in the Shanxi Chahar Hebei military region and later served as the commander of the Reliao military Region.Huang Yongsheng was a veteran and fierce warrior, so the eighth Column was formed and he was in charge.In everyone’s impression, it seems that the commander of the eighth column is Huang Yongsheng, who was the founding general and later made great achievements. Of course, he is also very famous.In fact, Huang Yongsheng had not been the commander of the eighth column for as long as the second commander.The second commander was Duan Suquan, a native of Chaling, Hunan.Huang Yongsheng is a red army general, Duan Suquan is red six army generals, because he did not participate in the long March injured.Duan Suquan led the east Of Guizhou independent division to contain the enemy, to ensure that the main breakout.Of course, during this period of time, Duan Su Quan also experienced a near-death experience, in the cave for several months like savage life.At the end of 1947, Huang Yongsheng transferred to the sixth column commander, Duan Suquan took over the eighth column commander.Duan then led the eighth column in a series of important battles in the Northeast battlefield.Such as the Winter Offensive and the Battle of Liaoshen.In the battle against Jinzhou, Lin directed the eighth column to control the jinzhou airport.But in the actual battle, Duan Suquan found jinzhou there are two airports, ask Lin need to control which airport, so missed the aircraft, the eighth column was criticized by Lin.After the liberation of Jinzhou, the eighth column also took part in the battle to encirclement liao Yaoxiang corps.However, when the eighth column was reorganized into the 45th Army, Duan Suquan did not serve as commander, as commander is Huang Yongsheng, Duan Suquan was transferred to the northeast Military command operations director.In 1949, Duan became deputy chief of staff of the Northeast Military Region and commander of the Shenyang garrison.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Duan Suquan changed to the Air Force, as the commander of the Air Force of the Northeast Military region.He is really an all-round talent, after a short time of training, Duan Suquan can fly a plane, command the air force combat.He was probably one of the few founding generals who could fly a plane.In 1952, Duan Became commander of the Air Force of the North China Military Region.In 1955, Duan Suquan temporarily conferred the rank of major General of the Air Force because of a dispute over a period of history.Duan’s rank is relatively low.