Shibei “TWO Sessions” focus on business benefits: transforming policy red envelopes into development dividends

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February 26 (Reporter Zhao Baohui) For the development of enterprises, if the economy is the body, that policy is the blood.In recent years, a series of preferential policies for enterprises have been released in Shibei District of Qingdao, providing strong support for orderly and stable operation and innovation-driven development of smes in the district, which has also attracted wide attention from people from all walks of life.From accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces to “double recruitment and double introduction”, from promoting the implementation of projects to improving the speed and quality of project construction, from “seven innovation breakthroughs” to “2+6” characteristic industrial system, Shibei District has closely focused on the positioning goal of “the best business environment in northern China urban area”, and played a set of combination of innovation and reform to serve the enterprises in the area.In order to accelerate the construction of international shipping Trade Finance Unit innovation Center core area and RCEP Qingdao economic and trade cooperation pilot innovation experimental base into the endogenous impetus.For enterprises, accurate and powerful talent introduction and favorable policies just like a timely rain.Around the topics of “benefiting enterprises and helping enterprises”, “talent introduction” and “business environment”, representatives and members of this year’s Shibei NPC and CPPCC have been hotly discussed, and have made suggestions and suggestions on how to let enterprises further enjoy dividends, so as to stimulate the vitality of market subjects.In the past year, as the beginning of the “14th Five-year Plan”, Shibei district based on the new stage of development, took the initiative to serve and integrate into the new development pattern, concentrated on the “six stability” and “six protection” work, to achieve a good start of the “14th Five-year Plan”.The reporter learned that last year, the GDP of Shibei District reached 106.36 billion yuan, an increase of 6.5%;Revenue in the general public budget totaled 10.41 billion yuan, up 11.9%;Fixed asset investment increased by 10.6%.30.34 billion yuan in goods imports and exports, up 16.8%…After another year of economic examination, Shibei District has made remarkable achievements in economic construction. Groups of economic operation data for the whole year of 2021 are very exciting, and the forging password behind the bright report card is the power of Shibei that cannot be underestimated.In addition, for the tobacco monopoly, Qingdao beer, represented by the urban construction investment, such as green building, huadian, middle sussing out old enterprise stable development, has become an important support, financial resources construction in shandong, Qingdao port, hundreds of new medicine, China railway development bao sheng sports stars, are also accelerating expansion, grow and become a strong driving force of economic development.For a city, the various measures to improve the environment of hui Enterprises must be understood by business people in an accessible way.On January 28, the 2021 promotion meeting for the assessment of the implementation of favorable enterprise policies in Shibei District was held, and the participants put forward specific measures to further improve the legal services for favorable enterprise.Cao Hongliang, party member and deputy director of shibei District Justice Bureau, said at the meeting that the government’s purchase of legal services to urge the implementation of policies benefiting enterprises is an important measure to build a law-based business environment.In order to expand the awareness of the policy of benefiting enterprises and reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises, Shibei District also specially launched the “people and society benefiting Enterprises Policy Publicity meeting”.The detailed interpretation of employment promotion, entrepreneurship support, skills training, talent recruitment, social insurance policies and enterprise employment service policies makes enterprises play a positive role in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship projects and talent team formation.Private economy is an important cell of the economic body, directly related to the high-quality development of the overall economy, and the excellent business environment greatly contributes to the stable development of private enterprises.At this year’s two sessions of Shibei City, Chi Pengfei, member of Qingdao Shibei District CPPCC committee and general manager of Qingdao Dream Aladdin Tourism Consulting Co., LTD., expressed his suggestions for the business environment in an interview with reporters.He believes that the government and enterprises should have more in-depth face-to-face communication, so that the implementation of favorable policies for enterprises can be more precise. “The introduction of a series of favorable policies for enterprises has ushered in new opportunities for the development of various types of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.However, in the process of the implementation of these policies, there are still some enterprises do not understand the preferential policies for enterprises.It is suggested that relevant departments strengthen communication with enterprises, create face-to-face communication opportunities, and understand the needs of enterprises through business associations, so that preferential policies can be implemented more accurately.”The best supporting talents teng cage for birds to attract phoenix to build a good phoenix nest, phoenix to lead.Where the eyes of senior talents focus, the breakthrough point and commanding heights of economic development will turn to where.Housing, education, health care, transportation, humanities…And a series of factors constitute the indispensable supporting services for talent introduction.Walking in the streets of Shibei District, from catering and accommodation to shopping, from leisure and entertainment to medical care, all the demand and supply units are available. With the roar of the car engine, you can feel the surging development vitality of this city everywhere.Its barrier-free language environment gives foreign friends a sense of belonging in shibei.Integrate superior resources and optimize service process.In 2020, Shibei District High-level Talents Service Rules were issued, which means that Shibei district will bring high-level talents within its jurisdiction into the service scope and focus on solving the pain points and difficulties of innovation and entrepreneurship.There are 12 personalized, customized and refined services for talents, including housing, household registration, children’s schooling, medical care, elderly care, academic research and study, which benefit the talents themselves.At present, Shibei’s “double recruitment and double introduction” has achieved fruitful results, and it has in-depth cooperation with China Railway, CITIC and other central enterprises.With the booming of new media and information technology, the number of market subjects has increased to 194,000, and the number of high-tech enterprises has reached 375. A total of 151,000 talents have been introduced. Qingdao International Human Resource Service Industrial Park has been awarded the provincial demonstration zone of modern service industry agglomeration.Huienterprise business “red envelope” constantly, talent introduction “spring breeze” to send warmth.In the report on the work of the Government, Shibei District has the following description about the plan for the quality development and talent introduction of enterprises in the future: further strengthen the support for small, medium and micro enterprises, strictly implement the policies of tax reduction and fee reduction, and help enterprises stabilize their posts, build a platform for the docking of banks, governments and enterprises, and promote enterprises to build brands and scale up.Focus on industry development, talent growth, iterative comprehensive promotion personnel policy, the implementation of high-end talents ridging engineering, industrial echelon talent cultivation project and potential young talents of engineering science, special fund set up talent development, do a good job in high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent competition, create the personnel assigned to version 3.0, strive to introduce all kinds of talents throughout the year 26000.Chi Nianhai, CPPCC member of Qingdao Shibei District and chairman of Qingdao Qinghua Investment Co., LTD., believes that the government should guide and guide the enhancement of entrepreneur platform exchanges and establish a scientific and feasible operation mechanism.”Entrepreneurs themselves are a kind of talent, and they help the urban economy by developing their businesses, which is indisputable.On the other hand, giving them a platform to communicate is actually creating opportunities for them and talents to communicate, and the development of the enterprise will follow.”Chi also suggested upgrading the financial center to create a business environment suitable for the development of the new financial center.Stabilize enterprises to retain talent, help enterprises benefit enterprises, the focus should fall on “benefit”.Talent should have a sense of gain, enterprises need to have a sense of gain.As the government’s pro-enterprise policies reduce the burden on enterprises, enterprises will have more confidence and invest more energy and capital in R&D and production, thus improving their core competitiveness.Through policy incentives, guiding enterprises to take the initiative to reform, fully stimulate endogenous vitality, so that more enterprises can live a “good life” by improving quality and efficiency, and then sit on the “warm kang head”.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. 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