Norwegians win more gold MEDALS in Winter Olympics than Chinese

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The Winter Olympics are still in full swing, and Norway is still the most decorated country in terms of gold MEDALS so far.Many wonder how Norway, with a population of just 5 million, can win the Most gold MEDALS in the Winter Olympics.For those curious, explore Norway’s culinary secrets with the Red Chicken Shop!The cuisine of each country and region has its own characteristics. Norway is one of the countries with the longest coastline in the world, and the cooking of high-quality fish is also one of their culinary cultures.Pickled herring, pickled trout: Herring trout are fermented, two months or even a year, and served with Norwegian flatbread, potato bread, sour cream, and Onions.Grilled salmon, smoked salmon: Norway is home to fatty salmon. Salmon can be found everywhere in Norway. It is grilled slowly over a low heat, sprinkled with sea salt, dipped in black pepper, and served with vegetables and potatoes.The smoky flavor of smoked salmon is very similar to our smoked fish.Cod tongue: Norway is one of the biggest exporters of the snow. Cod tongue is a fish with the jaw cut off, seasoned, floured and fried in butter.2, mutton stew cabbage Mutton stew cabbage is Norway’s legal national dish, cut mutton and cabbage into a large, then a layer of a layer of meat dish code is good, and in each layer with salt and pepper, flour, placed the last layer, bay leaf, boil with water and water until mutton soft rotten, out of the pot after sprinkle with chopped parsley, feed with potatoes collocation.The lamb is soft and tender, the cabbage is waxy and sweet, and the peppercorns are chewed up and scalded. Have you ever eaten this dish?How does it taste?Salted lamb chops are a traditional Norwegian dish and a Christmas staple, similar to our smoked lamb ribs.The preserved lamb ribs are cut into strips and steamed on birch trees. The lamb ribs are fragrant with birch trees. When eaten, the meat is tender and delicious with potatoes and radish mud.4. Stewed reindeer is a protected animal in my country. The taste of deer is unknown to red chicken shops, but in Norway, reindeer meat is a common meat.Cook reindeer meat, add bacon, mushrooms and other vegetables, let the meat and vegetables simmer together, then add passion fruit, sour cream, juniper berries, brown feta cheese, out of the pot with potatoes, berry sauce, salty soft rotten, rich fragrance.Norwegians like to pair prosciutto with many dishes because it is soft, delicate and salty, and is a popular item in many countries.In Norway, it’s usually served with flat bread, sour cream, scrambled eggs, and whiskey on board.6, Norwegian meatballs will be broken into pork meat, kneaded into balls, steamed after the sauce, fluffy Q bullets, full flavor.Norwegian meatballs are also served with mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, etc.Norway’s food isn’t all that greasy, high-protein, and potato-loving, but it’s hard to believe that Norway’s winter Olympics glory has much to do with food, given that the country is one big ski resort, with a ski culture in its blood.And finally, the Red Chicken shop would like to ask you what Norwegian food you’ve eaten, how does it taste?