It’s snowing!It really snowed in Fuzhou

2022-06-20 0 By

N Haidong all Media reporter Luo Danling just now, fuzhou Guling snow!Drum hill two peak ridge shimron village ‘drum hill resort (netizen “positive energy” for figure) drum hill resort (netizen “positive energy” for figure) many citizens to the drum mountain after snow, citizens a pan is one of them, 7 PM in the morning, they drove to a drum hill, only to enjoy the most beautiful snow.”We are so happy to see the first snow of 2022!”This morning, fuzhou several towns of the lowest temperature below 0℃, minqing, Minhou and other places have snow news, snow, a white world.According to the @Fuzhou meteorological news, Fujian Qing zhu into fuzhou this year’s first snowfall!Minhou Minhou Lake snow peak radar station Minhou Minhou Lingtou Village Minhou Minxi Heyang Village Snow Peak Chongsheng Temple Luoyuan Luoyuan Zhongfang Yongtai Yongtai County Tiantai Mountain Yongtai County Tiantai Mountain in addition, Fujian Ningde, Putian, Nanping and other places also snow!We must pay attention to driving safety in liping Village, Jianou Village, Baozhu Village, Wuyi Mountain, Where the road is slippery in rainy and snowy weather. Fuzhou Meteorological Observatory issued yellow warning signal for road icing at 08:37 on February 20, 2022:Affected by the cold air, the road temperature in the high-altitude mountainous areas of Jin ‘an district and Mawei District of Zhuhai will be below 0℃ from this evening to 21st, and there will be ice on roads that have an impact on traffic.Fuzhou citizen friends, please pay attention to driving safety.Comprehensive: Fuzhou meteorological, Nanping meteorological, etc